The Edge, Palo Alto

September 21st 1998

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Pictures by The Florian Trout.

The set list for the PA show was again the same as the other ones listed so far. I won't go into a lengthy review right now, but it was a great performance, even though once again the sound could have been a lot better. I'm hoping that the Fillmore show will be more "professional" in that sense. I was also surprised at the reception that the 2 songs from SA got - as they began they were applauded more loudly than many of the "Classics".

Steve seemed more quiet, and didn't say much between songs, but you could tell he was definately getting into the groove, especially during the jams. During "You Took" while Peter and Marty were wailing away, Steve stood back with his eyes closed and a smile on his face. I think it was during "Tantalized" that while Marty was hammering away at his blistering lead, Steve looked over at Peter a few times and gave him a big grin of what seemed like admiration.


Saw the Church last night. Let me just say that I now can die complete and fulfilled. That was nothing short of FUCKING INCREDIBLE. THEY ROCKED! LITERALLY. They totally affirmed my belief that they are one of the greatest bands to ever grace the planet's aural consciousness! They played an awesome set, too. It was so amazing to have finally heard that stuff I've been listening to for so long played live.

It was a small nightclub and the place was packed. I was right up front (of course). I think there were a couple of times during the show that I felt like I was going to faint from the sheer excitement and disbelief of it all. I was already certain that I would never see them perform live since they had not toured since '90 and that I had blown every opportunity I had to see them in the past for one ridiculous reason after another (same problem w/Skinny Puppy and I know I will never see them again). I could have paid a hundred dollars to see that show and not regretted it. I just wish I could have hung out with the band though. The staff at the club were incredibly rude and hostile and immediately closed the club after the band finished. Needless to say, I can't wait for Wednesday night at the Fillmore... mushrooms and all! I don't think it will be as intimate of a show, though. We'll see. Time to go sip some hot tea and soothe my soooore throat (from all that yelling and screaming).


A bit later Jake said...
Okay, I think I have calmed down enough to give a more objective review of the show at the Edge in Palo Alto... maybe.

The playlist seems the same as San Diego, I can only hope they alter it for the Fillmore show in SF so maybe they can get 'round to surprising us all by miraculously recanting their earlier position and play "Unguarded Moment" just for the hell of it! Yeah, right.

Anyway, I am probably too biased and was too enthralled by the whole experience of seeing the guys play that I failed to notice anything wrong at all (except that I was standing in someone's spat out gum...-ick). I particularly enjoyed when Steve muttered over some of the lyrics of Tantalized. The band finished up with Reptile and there was no shortage of enthusiasm (from where I was standing) from the crowd in getting them to come out for an encore. Their second encore wrapped with You Took (and a smashing rendition I might add). I honestly believed that we could have got them out for 'just one more' based on the crowd's enthusiasm but everyone pretty much gave up right after You Took. If everyone stuck to it instead of just accepting that 2 encores is enough, I'm sure they'd have been thrilled to entertain us some more. I certainly could have stood to hear Magician... Marty seemed to have enough energy to rip off a terrifying rendition of Russian Autumn Heart. And wouldn't it be cool if they decided to play Luscious Ghost for a nice surprise? Personally, I'd reallly love to see them perform 'Cut In Two' just 'coz. Forgive my daydreaming. Anyways, I thought the band looked in great shape considering what years can do to you if you let it. They've certainly aged better than... well, never mind. I don't want to open that can .

Tim kicks ass!!! I was absolutely impressed with his performance (and his production abilities on HoB as well). Nice job, Tim!

I am sure I have more to say but I will give it a rest for now... til the Fillmore show.


As Paul and Jake already described, the show was absolutely amazing. I had forgotten how these guys can rock! Except for the fact that they played a few more vintage songs last year, this show was on par with the first Sydney show. Steve looked very relaxed and he actually looked like he had a good time. Did anyone else catch how he accentuated "is this the sense of _victory_?" in "Almost With You"? I also loved the way he twisted the lyrics in Destination to "it's just a way of making you buy (collect?) Church CDs". Steve's vocal performance was one of the better ones I've heard. Hardly any bum notes at all. :-) And I loved the grey hairs in his beard.... Now I don't feel so bad... :-)

The band was cooking, and Tim was just amazing on the drums, he really kept the drive in the songs... He is definitely a superb addition to the band. Marty was of course Marty, and seemed to enjoy himself. Actually, I think as long as he has a guitar in his hands, Marty is happy no matter what / where he is... :-)

Peter was the one that worried me the most, as he seemed to have that "I'm only playing rhythm guitar" air about him. He looked a little bored at times and it was hard to hear his guitar even though I was right in front of his "wall of voodoo". He also seemed to be a bit surprised at the standing ovation he got after his solo on Milky Way....(oh yeah that's right, we were all standing anyway) Favorite moments for me was "Louisiana" (the first time I heard it) and the live rendition of "Two Places At Once". It works perfect live. And it was nice to hear Marty's lead vocals and his and Steve's duelling vocals at the end.... I sure wish they would release that live album....

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