Dana Point, Doheny Days Festival

September 19th 1998

This was the festival in Dana Point, called Doheny Days. Other bands included Bow Wow Wow, Dishwalla, Berlin, and X. Obviously the Church were the best of the lot. At one point they joked at Berlin, Marty saying that you should head over to the other stage to hear "Take My Breath Away," at which time Steve chimed in with his lovely falsetto "Take my breasts away."

They seemed a bit disappointed to play during the day (they began at 3:45). Steve said "I don't know if this will work, we're really a night band"...actually I thought it was kind of neat to see them so well-lit, in contrast to the normal bar atmosphere. Encouraged by the beach atmosphere, Marty asked the often-topless audience "What happened to shirts?" and then proceeded to reveal some of his chest.

They played well and the sound was good, I think better than last night, but it was short, only 11 songs, and they stuck rigidly to the set list. By the way, for all you concert goers, be sure to buy a shirt, there are some available. I was wearing mine that I got last night and evidently many of the people who were there didn't see them. There were also posters available. So be sure to look. I didn't get to meet the Church today. (Still waiting for Peter and Tim's autograph!)

Here's the set list, all songs that appeared last night, though now abbreviated:

Someone held up a sign for Day of the Dead, but Steve said "Sorry old chum, we don't have time for that one." And in reference to what someone else wrote about last night, I thought Peter was mainly making noise on that one, while the main guitar stuff (especially the verses) was Marty. Someone also requested "Unguarded Moment" and Steve gave his usual snotty response.

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