The Borderline

September 11th and 12th 1998

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Pictures by Anne Ward

stevefinal.jpg - 9548 Bytes Merrick
Hiya everybody,
Just got back from the second night at the Borderline in London, and although we were all really excited about last night, tonight just blew yesterday out of the fucking water.

They came on earlier, so they did more songs, and (despite some problems with Martyís gear), they just soared, Marty especially. Grind and Cortez The Killer were just EPIC.

Hereís the set list;

martys.jpg - 4004 Bytes Merrick's first night review
Iíve just been to the Steve and Marty gig at the Borderline in London, and it was absolutely brilliant. Steveís plane didnít get to London until half past six, and the gig was supposed to start at eight, and Steve had to teach Marty Louisiana before they came on. With all of this they came on late, and a few songs were dropped from the set.

Sorry this isnít an especially in-depth review, but itís late and Iím tired, and anyway Iím sure someone else will do all that stuff. hereís the set list;

There was an encore on the set list of Myrrh and Cortez The Killer, the Neil Young song, but they didnít have time for these.
Cheers to everyone who went on Friday - I thought it was brilliant. Marty/Steve both relaxed and happy to be there. A really fun time....and I could talk about the Church without people raising their eyebrows and shuffling from foot to foot impatiently. What a nice change!
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