Trish Converts Elderly Gentleman into Church Fan

Recently I took a 3/4 time job to finance going back to school. I'm companion to an elderly gentleman who has had several strokes, but is remarkably THERE once you get him warmed up & mentally stimulated. Imagine me as his butler and chauffeur and occasional maker of spectacular omelets and you've got it.

Anyway, thinking perhaps I should put away the Korn and Deftones and Soundgarden and such in the car when I drove him around for errands and appointments, found a classical station to listen to. Well, it changed format almost immediately after we discovered it, but I eventually noticed that he liked the contemporary stuff they play when I take him for his workouts three days a week. I began to slip Church cassettes in during our drives.

Not too many days ago we were listening to "Sometime Anywhere" and he turned to me and said "This is GOOD." I asked him why. "Voice. Soothing. Very nice." He is, of course, a man of fewer words now, but imagine me and my 61-year-old charge cruising town and him getting off on it next time you're doing it yourself. Makes ME smile. :)

--submitted by Trish

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