The Church's 1999 "Box of Birds" tour had some interesting events. To understand this fine song parody, recall that Steve was arrested before the NYC show at the Bowery, and Ward is the Church's super-roadie. The following is written by Paul Webb.


Sweep=Order (to the tune of "Aura")

We all came back, from the tour
I hope we don't have to tour anymore
We traveled the country, from coast to coast
That once was the part, that I liked most

It started off bad, when we canceled Philly
For two gigs in New York, I guess that was silly
If I had known, where this tour was leadin'
I would have stayed home, with the girls back in Sweden

Seems Marty was drunk, on opening night
On Seance the fallout caused a hell of a fight
It doesn't matter, how well you play guitar
It's still not real cool, to get dressed at the bar

The tour kept on rolling, through the Midwest
Played Denver and Salt Lake, and all the rest
Tim earned his pay, by banging the skins
I used my paycheck to support all my twins

We got to New York, for a two-night stand
From here on out, things weren't quite as planned
Got busted with H, down in Alphabet City
So I missed the next show, and that was a pity

But before all the fans, were turned away
Ward grabbed my bass, and he saved the day
The other three guys, all did their thing
"Finally" thought Marty, "it's my turn to sing"

I spent one night in jail, but I shouldn't complain
'Cause hard time's much worse, than sweeping a train
It made all the papers, but I shed no tears
'Cause it's more publicity than we've had in years

Our gear stayed up north, while we played in the south
Pete worked his guitar, not a word from his mouth
It's good to be back, because when we play
If I close my eyes, all the shit goes away

Now we're heading back home, to write some new songs
We were gone for 3 weeks, but it seemed so long
We think "Box of Birds" came out quite well
Too bad that supporting it put us through hell

They say that love equals hate
The eighth's, my court date
Will we ever make it back across the border?
I sweep, by court order

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