Doug Berry and Steve Kilbey. Doug is holding Steve's old bass -- it now belongs to Doug. Doug writes: "It's a 1966 Fender Coronado.  It's a short-scale bass.  I'll try to dig up the pictures of the case, they're rather cool--Steve had several stickers and things on it.  It came with a strap and a rubber cockroach.  I have no idea if that has any mystical significance or not, but Dave Barry swears that headless cockroaches are still able to be trained for (I think) up to 48 hours after being decapitated.  That may be the mystical, magical reason for the roach."

Well, it's probably just that rubber cockroaches are useful. I have one. Perhaps I ought to put it in my bass case. I mean, how many people are going to mess with your bass if they see a cockroach in the case?

Thank you Doug for donating this picture.

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