Meeting Steve in the Coffee Shop

by Valentine


Wednesday, September 29, 1999 was the day I met the man of my dreams, Mr. Steve Kilbey.  I arrived early for The Church's concert at the 7TH House in Pontiac, Michigan.   Mr. Kilbey came into the coffee shop and had a bite to eat.  I could not believe my extraordinary be standing within a few feet of such talent!   It's a long story....but, I ended up in conversation with him for approx. 20 minutes..(according to my awe-struck friends that is!)  For me, it was as if I had escaped the bondage of time. 

Nothing else mattered except that I was there.   His voice, lyrics, and music have moved me for, I am in the rather ridiculous position of having a "crush" on a rock star!  Not something this 39 year old "ice princess" (no one touches my heart anymore...least of all an out-of-reach celebrity!)  thought was possible. The man has the most incredible eyes I have ever seen.  They sparkle and dance with intelligence, life, and humor.  Our conversation I prefer to keep to myself, jealously guarding and treasuring it.  I can only say...the man takes my breath away!!  I can only hope he and The Church will return again next year...until then..I have my dreams!!


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