The news is that Heliopolis is now an archive-only site (meaning it will not be updated again), and Shadow Cabinet is now hosting it. The site will remain exactly as it was, although the audio files will no longer work.

Yes, I still love the Church and Steve's music and writing, but somehow I've acquired a life that leaves no time for this site (which really was only meant to be an exercise in web-design, but it took on a life of its own). If you're curious as to what's taking all my time, I will direct you to The Gestalt Records Website, the Denver-based record label that I'm working with. If you're interested in the music, let me suggest Dark Orchid (a guitar band reminiscent of the Church) and Numina (dark ambient). You can find them on the Artists page. If anyone needs to contact me, I can be reached at kj5@boxfrog.com.

So farewell, my Heliopolis. You were much loved, and are going to a good home. Thank you Brian!

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