I've had to store the soundclips on Yahoo Briefcase to save space. I'm going to list the songs just as they were, but you'll have to visit here to access the songs. They are all 30-60 second Real Audio clips, and you can get the Real Audio player at www.real.com.

There are a few clips that have mysteriously disappeared. Please check back next month when I will have had time to re-record them.

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All SK songs used with permission.


Track of the Month

Will be available once I am able to record it


Solo Work

Unearthed: "Heliopolis"

Earthed: "Napoleon's Army, Christmas Eve, Outside Moscow "

Slow Crack: "A Favourite Pack of Lies"

Remindlessness: "The Neverness Hoax"

Narcosis + : "The Egyptian"


Church :

Of Skins and Heart: "Chrome Injury"

The Blurred Crusade: "A Fire Burns"

Remote Luxury: "Constant in Opal"

Seance: "Now I Wonder Why"

Heyday: "Myrrh"

Starfish: "Under the Milky Way" (this is the song most people have heard)

Gold Afternoon Fix: "Pharaoh"

A Quick Smoke at Spot's: "Perfect Child"

Priest=Aura: "Lustre"

Sometime Anywhere: "Dead Man's Dream"

Somewhere Else: "The Time Being" (The BEST Church song!)

Magician Among the Spirits: "Magician Among the Spirits"

Hologram of Baal: "No Certainty Attached" and "Louisiana" (it was a toss-up and I took the easy way out)

Box of Birds: "The Porpoise Song"


Collaborations and Productions

Refo:mation's Distance-CrunchOrpheus Circuiting Honchos with Echo Units: "Towards Sleep"

Hex: "Fire Island" (Steve doesn't actually sing, but he's playing the instruments)

Hex's Vast Halos: "" (Again, Steve is playing the instruments while Donnette Thayer sings)

Jack Frost: "Geneva 4 a.m."

Jack Frost's Snow Job: "Running From the Body"

Fake: "Untitled One" (the only Fake song that I know of where Steve sings)

Mae Moore's Bohemia: "Fall With You" (Mae is singing, and Steve is mostly likely playing some instruments. He co-wrote this song with her)


Related Artists

Peter Koppes (Church guitarist): "In the Wake" from 1989's From the Well

Marty Willson-Piper (Church Guitarist): "Will I Start to Bleed" from 1992's Spirit Level.

Donnette Thayer (Hex singer): "Earthly Powers" from 1997's Chaos and Wonder. (Visit Donnette's page at Shadow Cabinet to learn how to order this CD, and to read her interesting stories about Steve)

More as I get them ....


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