NEWEST LINK:Travel by Thought: An interactive website devoted to the artistic and literary endeavors of Church fans.

Steve Kilbey Stuff:

Steve Kilbey's Discography

Karmic Hit: Steve's studio label. You can get free Steve Kilbey MP3s here, as well as MP3s by Steve's brothers' bands.

Steve Kilbey Setlist: from Paul Webb's webpage


Church Stuff:

The Official Church Website

Shadow Cabinet: For years it was the Church's semi-official page. WAY better than this page will ever be, so if you want to learn more, this is the place to go. Band news, lyrics, rarities, interviews, chat room and mailing list. Lots of info on all the band members and related links.

Anaethesia: The Church Webring. This is my webring. Let me know if you want to submit your site.

The Blurred Crusade: Church fan site

The Church: No Explanation In Portuguese

Twentieth Anniversary Church Poll: List your favorite songs

The Church Fipography: Fipster has some great Churchy wallpaper

The Church Discography: Fipster again creates a KICK-ASS site.


E-zines/Websites with SK and Church content:

The Wright Stuff: Jonathan Wright's e-zine currently has interviews by Church members.

Ears and Mouth: Lots of artists, including the Church.

Greg Allen Photography and Design has some fantastic photos of the Church on his professional site.


Record Labels:

Thirsty Ear: Current Church record label

Immersion Records: Church member Peter Koppes' label; also released Margot Smith and the Refo:mation (you can buy their CDs at this website)

Cooking Vinyl: record label that's released several newer Church CDs, including Box of Birds. They have a nice bio of the Church.

Meeting Other Fans:

Seance Mailing List: Church fan list

Another Earth Mailing List: Another Church fan list.

Hotel Womb: A GREAT message board about the Church.

Yahoo! Church Club

NSEW: Church fanzine (also sells SK's Nineveh/The Ephemeron and the NSEW exclusive Church single "Gypsy Stomp")


Collaboration/Production Stuff

Marty Willson-Piper's Official Site

Torch Song: Margot Smith Website

Shelter: Donnette Thayer (of Hex) homepage at Shadow Cabinet

Stephen Cummings: Lovetown

Mae Moore Official Website

Salt Recording Studios: Frank Kearn's studio (Steve is currenly collaborating with Frank)


Want to add your Steve Kilbey related link? E-mail me!

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