New: Rolling Stone's Review of AENT


Interviews and News Stories

Telegraph Press release and subsequent retraction

Altar Ego: TNT Magazine interviews Steve in 2000.

The Church to Release New LP, Tour U.S.: from

The Age interviews Steve Kilbey: 1997 interview with a good picture of Steve.

John Schuler interviews the Church: find out about Church record sales in Morrocco!

"Steve Kilbey and Box of Birds" Find out who he could "cheerfully machine-gun to death."

"Rock Star Unfazed by Arrest" This should answer your questions about Steve's recent arrest.

"How can we miss the Church when they won't go away?" Steve talks about HOB and what type of band the Church is.

"Hold me, Kiss me, Kill me, Kilbey" A bit about Jack Frost, MATS, Church history, and other stuff.



Review of Unearthed by Andrew Cox, Whammo Website

Review of Steve's performance at the Knitting Factory in February, 2001, by Jerry Jascomb.

My review of the 1999 Minneapolis show

"A Church Dream Come True" by Bob and Lois

Assaf's review of SK at the Borderline last July

Juice Magazine's review of Acoustic and Intimate



Trish's story of how she converted an elderly gentleman to a Church fan

"I met Steve in the coffee shop" by Valentine

"Merry Chrispymas To All: A Church Christmas Tale" by Chrispy (a fictional account, of course)


Please send me your review, interview, or story. I especially want things that haven't been posted to other Church sites, but I'll take what I can get :)


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