Steve wrote a poem just for Heliopolis and its visitors ( "an xcloosive perm," as he phrased it). Here it is!


the nazarene with opaque blue eyes
looks up from the dust and road
off into the desert
locks you into his gaze
merciful sad
the sky as it darkens and thunder
rumbles down from the hills
this beautiful man
wait patiently as time
limps and
hobbles and
minutes and months
vultures swirl
the sky again
calls in cracked dry voices
menu of corrupted flesh
decay a la carte
moths breeding in cupboards
serpents taste the air
oblivious to almost everything
so many things left undone
events banking up
spilling over
the edge of the frame
apostles surround you
expectant confusion
and disarray
peter thickset and suspicious
overprotective of his master
a bad tempered dog
john slim and handsome
matthew still trying to fit in
iscariot a nebulous blur
on the outskirts

--written by Steve Kilbey, sent to me January 10, 2000

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