Seancers' Favorite Steve Kilbey Lines

These were taken from a discussion on Seance about favorite Church lines. Some people also e-mailed me favorite Steve Kilbey solo/ poetry lines. If your favorite line isn't listed here, just e-mail me and I'll include it. So here's the best, according to us :

Note: I tried to exclude lines written by Marty, Peter, and Tim (wonderful though they are)


Jonathan Arnot-Smith:

Whenever someone tries to motivate me to have a career, I think:

"Bill the Big Boss was trying to tell me something I needed to know if I was ever going to get anywhere, but all I could think of was the blue and endless sky." (from Earthed, somewhere)

"Boys, I've had enough/ There's no more smooth, just rough." (Tranquility)

The line about the child who has access to the sadness of the trees is from Remindlessness, but I can't remember the song off-hand. (Craig Wood says it is "Random Pan")

Ali Awan:

"And she beckons to you with her fingers and lies
She says: can't you slice the price of your paradise"
(A Month of Sundays)

"And I want my sad reflection
To go drifting through the skies"
(To Be In Your Eyes)

"She offered her chaos to me
Proffered herself languidly"
(Shadow Cabinet)

"Like a womb, the night was all around"

"Ugliness you have to know, beauty you can't teach"

"Awake to find you gone, emptiness is where you lay
I just had to smile for all the things you'll never
hear me say" (Disappear)

"I don't mind him misinterpreting me
I hate it when he gets us lost out to sea"

"You stare down at some crowd from your trapeze
And when you fell they fell down on their knees
And when you broke they scrambled for a piece
And when you spoke I felt their anger freeze"

"Owner of trouble, flesh blood and bricks"
(Monday Morning)

(note: aw hell, the whole damn song of Disappear is
quoteworthy for me)

"In a moment of triumph, I find defeat uncontrolled
In the second of honour, a despair sharp and old
She gives me a taste, please show me some etiquette"
(Now I Wonder Why)

"Only one thing you ever really know
You might curse before you bless"
(Electric Lash)

Dannis Koromilas:

..."it was my duty to maintain the veneer of love and sometimes it hurt like blazes...(EARTHED)


"Bad man's woman with that look in her eyes...." ( A Month of Sundays)

"Good times are a-coming
well I saw it in a vision
I heard it in evangelist's sighs... (Random Pan)

...A child has been born
Who can converse with the corn
Who has access to the sadness of the trees
Decipher the cicadas
When his legs will take him farther
He'll be fed royal jelly from the bees..."
(what's this from, anyone?)

Darren Peigan

"There is a surplus of everything you say..."  (The Maven)  

"Magician among the spirits, are you with us Christine?"  (Magician Among the Spirits)  

"I paid eighty dollars for this wedding ring, I couldn't take it off if I tried..."  (Hotel Womb)  

"She put her foot down on the oscillation pedal, she was a transdimensional speeder..."  (Terra Nova Cain)


"The pines smell sweet in the frozen air,
and their silhoutte's just fading there,
the wolves crouch close, against the snow
but where we're running I don't know,
In villages and soft sad towns
the candles sway as night comes down,
cold bones creak and strange beasts cry,
watching shadows in the sky.....
All I have, all I need, all I providence." (Providence)


"The waitress comes by
I look her in the face
I say "Bring me something fit for the human race"
She doesn't hear a word
She looks right through" (Like a Ghost )


'On this very spot a great city once stood,
It oozed with evil but it felt so good...' (City)

'I've got the mind of an astronaut,
Emerging from the shell unscathed,
Climbing out of hell unchanged...' (Day of the Dead)

'I know you live around here somewhere,
As I scan the sky.
I know that you sleep around here somewhere,
Where it's warm and dry.' (Ramble)

'Moses, don't you touch that dial...' (Some Lysergic Africa)

'Oh, I want life,
I want it now and forever,
I want to rise up,
Out of this chamber and clamber into the sky...' (The Time Being)

'So take this plastic and rent me some wheels,
Or maybe I'll try to fly,
No reservation, I see how it feels,
When I'm over your house, up in the sky...' (My Little Problem)

'I understood before I knew,
I realized I'd spend my life coming back to you...' (Laughing)

'But I know who's in there behind those eyes.' (Feel)

'Tell me how it happened, did you hurt, did you cry?
Did you ever feel yourself falling out of the sky?
Did you ever lie awake and wonder why?
Did you ever fall asleep and dream that you died?' (Life Speeds Up)

'I know the walrus wasn't Paul,
In El Dorado just once more.' (Celebration of the Birthday of the
Elephant God)

'Ride the old horse through gold rush town,
If that's the kind of company you keep.
You're getting very tired and you need to lie down.
See you in your sleep...' (Lustre)

Kate Kwiatkowski:

"It's never as good as I hoped or as bad as I feared" (Into My Hands)

Doug Berry:

"You should have realized by the arm in the sky that destiny was dealing you a joker, old guy .... One eye on the meter, one eye on the mirror, it's all getting nearer, it's all getting clearer." (Refo:mation's "Traitor")

"Happy with my lazy ambition." (Transference)

Favorite poem: "Nineveh"

Carl Koontz:

"And when she cums the stars explode/ Exquisite results in input mode/Just when she cums, she's suddenly gone (Business Woman)

Darryl KuyKendall:

"In the space between our houses/ some bones have been discovered/ but our procession lurches on/ as if we have recovered..." (Destination)

Paige McCormick:

Great cities, or the endless beautiful plains stretched out before/ his jaded gaze and disappeared into the nothingness of his feeling. (Fall in Love)

"Follow her down to worship some god/ Who never speaks to me, I wonder if that's odd/ Then he says you're never listening." (Lost)

"Under shifting dimensions horizon returns/ Smoke in the distance as Babylon burns/ Summer in the river scattering the net/ Long to remember that hasn't happened yet" (Tranquility)

"The universe is female/ Eluding the science of men / You sway and you swagger with your neat little dagger/ You're gonna blow it again .... I'll prove her existence in everything/ The soul of her rivers and stones/ Her acquiescence in everything/ Her essence, her presence, her bones" (Essence)

Erich Peace:

"Have I told you 'bout the case of the man who had no face?" (Loveblind)

"In space between our bodies, the air has grown small fingers..." (Destination)

Jack Scanlon:

"Watching how the white moon melts into the clouds" (Ricochet-thanks for reminding me, Darren))

Ed Aldrett:

Well, all of Aura..everything.

Steve Ewing:

"The world keeps spinning, people keep sinning/ all the rest is just bullshit." (Authority)

C Beck:

"You can't be a lover if you want to keep on using
What are you using that's stronger than the love
Sometimes I'm knocked out by the damage that you're doing
Knocked out, locked out, push comes to shove
Listen to the wind tearing at the windows
Watching how the white moon melts into the cloud
Important little tyrants, impotent little pharaohs
Men/man of sorrows lost into the crowd" (Richochet)

Mark Pyskoty:

"Sometimes I wander under prehistoric skys... Here she comes w/a penetrating stare ....cold desert stars feel and sparkle like frost,they are so lost ...this seed of adulation is your butter and your bread,it's an exquisite corpse and its lips are red.... If you're alone and you're feeling blue,everyone in Persia probably feels like you do....." (Lost)

"She put her foot down on the oscillation pedal / she was a transdimensional speeder" (Terra Nova Caine)

Derek J. Gordon:

"The fountains gush wine, the chimneys spurt flowers while me and my friends pass the fleeting hours.." and "The towers stretch up, the spires spiral odd, behind the vicar's gate the sign 'Beware of God'" (City)

Greg Hatmaker:

"Why are those buildings swaying like trees?" (Hotel Womb)

Tim Gadd:

"Our instruments are burned out/ Our beasts have been mistreated/ I tell you it's the only way/ We'll get this road completed" (Destination)

The Florian Trout:

"Close to you, hear all you say/ Even though you're continents away" (It Doesn't Change)

"Salty tears are wasted, children lie awake/Put your head into my hands, don't let your spirit break" (It's No Reason)

"How can you be so invisible/Give me the nerves to see" (Myrhh)

"I can't change any of you, I can't change myself" (Columbus)

"I've got a nickname for you, I call you weakness/ I get a little strength out too, or is it meekness" (Paradox)

"Everything is going wrong/ All my songs are coming true" (Mistress)

"I fell asleep before it was over/I must have dreamt of the end" (Dome)

"In winter he cracks, in summer he warps" (The Disillusionist)

"Inside the car sat a sulky blonde/ And on her lap the road went on and on/ As she dresses I look to the ground/ Perhaps I know where the place can be found, and on" (The Night is Very Soft"

"Beyond that void is a place/ Where figments from bad dreams are banished/ Childhood nightmares all come seeking/ And adult logic nearly vanished (Chaos)

Harry Haller

"Where ghosts have laid their final claims to rest" (Two Places at Once)

"All of their strength couldn't save them/All died inside the flood/ Destined to make that same old mistake/ The way of the flesh and blood"  (Dome) 

"Our instruments have no way of measuring this feeling/ Had ever got below the floor/ Or penetrate the ceiling"  (Destination)

"Behind the veil is a sea." (Something from HOB)

Kate Johnson

"So now we're cruisin' down this shuddering highway with the dead sun shining on my back." (Myrrh)

Tim Prochnow:

"And they call this carnival progress" (Tristesse)


Nigel Nudds:

"It may not be Eden, or summer in Greece...." (Ripple)

"In the space between our houses some bones have been discovered /but our procession lurches on as if we have recovered..." (Destination)

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