Brian Smith's Shadow Cabinet Homepage. I get most of my information from his excellent Church site. This is the greatest fan site, ever! Please visit his site; you'll get all the latest Church information.

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Kilbey Images:

I credited every photo or album cover I used on this site. If the artist doesn't want his or her work on this site, or wants to be linked to a homepage, etc. just e-mail me. All credits are listed under the pictures, except for the following:

The image of Steve on the intro page is from the Hologram of Baal CD jacket. Photographers are listed as Peter Holmqvist, Julien Klettenberg,, Anastaslia Fitter.

All title graphics are courtesy of ... me! I used Photoshop and Kai's Power Tools to create them all. The eye is Steve's, and the man on the Anti-Steve page is Brendon. I also created the entrance page graphic, as well as the weird photoshop-assaulted image of Steve playing bass (on the Images page).


Web Design Items:

Phaistos Guestbook (really, this is the BEST guestbook out there. Don't bother with anything else) my GREAT host!!!

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