Review: Unearthed
By Andrew Cox
Whammo music website

Steve Kilbey, singer of the Church, is one of the rarer breed of frontmen who make solo records while their band is still a going concern. The records bare all the hallmarks of a labour of love and function as an outlet for material that may be a little too left field for the mainstream audience. Steve's solo records are so far left of field that they reside somewhere out the back of the grandstand, an artistic conceit that feels like a breath of fresh air in this era of commercial imperatives. Unearthed is an art rock record and the vibe is mellow. This record is so art rock it wears a beret and lives in a garret on the Left Bank. As with all of Kilbey's solo work, the consumption of drugs prior to listening acts as a positive aid to, if not understanding his muse, then at least getting too wasted to care. The term grower was invented for albums like this. The term trafficker was invented for the person who provided its initial impetus.

Thanks to Sue C. for sending this in!

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