Incredibly cool people who have donated stuff to Heliopolis. Church fans are a generous bunch!

If you donated something and you're not here, it's because I am braindead! Just remind me, and I will add you.


Ed in Seattle: SK demo tapes, This Asphalt Eden, other rare tracks

Eve Emshoff: Rare Church tracks

Sue C: Pictures of SK and lots of inside info

Misha: Picture of Sing Songs EP

The Anti-Steve: computer guru (see? He's GOOD for the site)

Tracy: Seattle pictures from the '99 U.S. tour

Anthony Collins: NYC pictures from the '99 U.S. tour

Mark Pyskoty: News Pix photos, interviews, pictures, interviews

The Florian Trout: Live picture of Steve, Remindlessness

Danny (bturnip): Rare tracks

David Barnard: Live SK tracks

Michael Barone: SK pics (Starfish/GAF era)

Moonbuzz: Rare tracks

Jonathan Sargeant: Rare tracks

Doug Berry: SK pics, pic of bass

Darren Peigan: Photo of Steve

Eric: Rare tracks

John Schuler: interview

Ron Sultana: interview and picture of Steve

ShantiDeva of Karmic Hit: for being SO COOL!

Assaf Friedler for reviews and pictures

Greg Allen Photography for the picture of Steve at the piano

Martin Krall: video of live SK show

Craig Wood: photo


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