Order all that you can from Karmic Hit! They have the coolest, most exclusive Kilbey Bros. stuff.

Now that Greg's Music World is gone, you may have to get your stuff through Amazon or CDNOW. I recommend other sources if possible, though. These big stores make enough money.

You can always try Greg's new incarnation: http://www.whammo.com.au

Used Music Resources

In Sound: Used Music Store

Red Sun: Used Music Store

The Venue: Has a Church page and the owners are looking for Church and Church-related material.

ebay: an online auction center. You can get hard-to-find stuff here. I got my copy of Seance here. I got mine cheap, but some copies sell for more than $70!

Siren Disc Music Store:Used music store

Pandora's Music Box: Used Music store

GEMM : music seller catalog

Second Spin: Recommended by many Seancers NEW

Red Eye Records: Aussie used music store

Living Eye: Has lots of Church vinyl

Shadow Cabinet: Brian Smith has several links to sellers, plus links to the Seance mailing list, an e-list of Church enthusiasts who often trade or sell hard to find items.

SheetMusicPlus.com: you can get the music for "Under the Milky Way" here

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