"What Does This Button Do ?"

It's a rare band that can produce dozens of albums over fifteen years and not let some mistakes slip through onto the final product. Fortunately for this page, The Church is not such a band (or I'd have nothing to tell you !) These observations were collated from the Seance mailing list and also from my own observations.
Fernando Rodriguez noticed that in the booklet accompanying Marty's Spirit Level album, the page about Turn Away To The Stars has the word "the" printed twice. Also, the word "openess", from the song Can't Ever Risk An Openess With You should be spelled "openness". I checked an online dictionary and he's right.

Jonathan Smith has noticed a couple of errors. During Marty's guitar solo in 'Leave Your Clothes On', actually right after, when he goes back to his main line, he flubs on that highest note ... and halfway during the first verse in 'Nose Dive', Ploogie goes to the chorus when there's still another measure or so of verse to go.

On Peter's album Water Rites in the great song On Wings Of Love at 3:56 there's a definite drop in pitch, like the tape speed has decreased momentarily.

Cathy Weise pointed out that the name of the song "House Afire" is printed as "House Are" on the back of the album....wonder how THAT slipped past !

The album A Quick Smoke At Spots has an error in Ride Into The Sunset. The first few words ("Out in the open") are cut off and this version starts on the word "open"

On the same album the song You Got Off Light has a marked shift of balance. In the first thirty seconds the sound mainly comes from between left and center, then it swings back to right, then settles on the center. I think someone spotted a pan control a wee bit too late and said "bugger it" or "Fix it in the cut !" or "It's only a demo - it's not like it's going to be released." :-)

On Seance the song It's No Reason has a pop over the word "water" in "crocodile skin water"

The Jack Frost song Providence has a constant high pitched tone running through the whole song. Barely noticeable - but it's there.

On Steve's solo album Unearthed there's a godawful screech near the end of Heliopolis. If you're listening to this song in the car and have it turned up a bit (as is my wont !), this screech can *really* take you by surprise. This might not be an actual production error - but maybe an error of judgement !

About three seconds into When You Were Mine there's a sound like a page being turned. It comes out of the left speaker.

Have you heard anything you can add to this list ? Mail me if you have.

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