Chaos And Wonder

Donnette Thayer

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Donnette Thayer Fender-Martin Formulae, Primordial Oohs, Voices Issuing Subliminal Commands
David Foerstner Spirit Organs, Cosmic Strings, Gabriel's Trumpet
Bruce Zeleznik Space-Time Descriptors, Renormalization of Infinities, Big Bang/Big Crunch, Babbla Obscura Salta
Rick Novak Theraminalaylic Guitar, Harmonic Conversion
Bryce Goggin Dimensional Shifts, Backwards Masking, Chandrasekhar Limiting
Patty Hood Harp Matrix, Vocal Celestial Mechanics
Mike Lindsey Bass Matrix A, E.Bowa Virus, Yankee Mandolin
Jonnie Hargis Bass Matrix AA
Jim McGrath Percussion Matrix

Track List

Earthly Powers
Make It Now
Black Salt
Bali Hai
My Room
Lemon Tree Home Away
Other Winds

Running Time - 45:23

Cool Effect #1

Sound Bytes

Bali Hai
A beautiful cover of this song, originally from the musical South Pacific.
Lemon Tree Home Away
This short excerpt is from the end of this song.
This song swings from quiet and delicated placed verses to loud rocking choruses, all about "giving in to Holotown".
The final track on the album - a nice soft landing as your head hits the pillow :-)

How To Get This Album

You can order the album by sending $10.00 (U.S.) (no cash please) plus $4.95 shipping and handling to:

Donnette Thayer
P.O. Box 1354
Hollywood, CA 90028

Please make cheques payable to Donnette Thayer. She'll sign the album any way you like - just ask !

Bite-Sized Reviews

Here's one from Richard

"earthly powers" is a great opener and begins the magnificent mango-tinged tropical sub-thread.

"make it now", a seductive teaser. innocence in your voice, a great bridge and an enviro-amazon plunge.

"black salt", lyrically conjures a million colour impressions. "he halves himself"- now that's just perfect, isn't it.

"bali hai"- breathy vocals, sleepy.

"my room", i just love this one. a great single. cd5 release with junior vasquez's reggae remix. just kidding.

"sleepwalker", should be longer as should the whole album. great driving sound.

"lemon tree home away", i love pine.

"holotown", patient, mature, like a barrel-fermented, malolactically fermented, batonaged chardonnay from the russian river valley.

"gabriel" angels love you.

"other winds", pacific deep belief. great music.

"heavenly" yes thank you.

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"Why did you record this album ?"
We just finished the album (the pressing anyway) this year, and havenít had any kind of formal release date or anything. We were playing show after show after show, and it was a ridiculous amount of time and expense for what essentially amounts to a method of appeasing oneís vanity for all the good it was doing us. I never was the "I wanna hear you say YAAH" type of front person, and the music doesnít lend itself to mindless goodtimes in a bar, either. But lo, thatís where we were. I decided that what we needed was to put out a record. People really like the record. Itís funny, I know some bar bands that do very well live, but when they put out a record, people say, "Yuck! itís just like their live show - who wants to listen to that kind of moronic trash over and over again?" So here we are with a pretty good record, a video, and the best webmeister in the world ! [Aw shucks... :-) ] What happens to it now is anybodyís guess, but at least it will last longer than one night.

I asked how Patti Hood played sweeping harp strums so fast...

She plays a pedal harp, rather like an incredibly complicated auto harp, in that by pushing down a certain pedal, the instrument dampens all the Fís,for example, and it has one pedal to correspond to each note. She needs to determine what pedals need to be depressed, and then if she needs to play one of those notes later, she has to get in there and take thepedal off and put it quickly back on. Itís extremely complicated. I have a lot of respect for Patti, watchingher play these songs like, for example, in C# minor, is like watching this little creature drive a diesel truck. And she can really sing.

On Holotown...

Did you get the cult connotations in Holotown? I had been reading "The Doomsday Cult" about the Moonies when I wrote that song, and I realized that people create little cults all over the place. Power struggles, sheesh.

On Bali Hai...

That was the one song I had the closest thing to complete control over in that I created the sequence on the EPS and we just piped it onto the board. Bruce added some magnificent drum parts (I canít get enough of his drumming - think heís awesome), and Patti played some harp glisses, all in C major, I played open tuned 12 string in, believe it or not, E minor, and we were done! When I decided to create a sequence of Bali Hai, all I had for reference was a very scratched Bing Crosby 78 record. I couldnít really tell what the lyrics were, and Bing would change them too, (I love Bing Crosby - got a cat named Bing) and he was pretty free with melodies, too. I did Bali Hai Bingís way, even Binger.

On the time signature of In My Room...

I have to admit to being influenced by Tchaikovsky on this time signature. He could cook up a fluid piece that you had to listen to about 25 times before it hit you that something weird was going on with the time signature. That was what I was trying for, youíre the first one whose noticed it, and you donít miss a thing, so Iím going to consider it a success.

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