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If you're wondering who Donnette actually is, and what she has to do with The Church, she's the wonderful singer on the two Hex albums that came from her collaboration with Steve Kilbey. She was also a member of the band Game Theory. Her latest album is called Chaos And Wonder.

hex1flyers.jpg - 6437 Bytes hex2flyers.jpg - 5007 Bytes [29th March 1999] Anthony Collins has kindly sent in two flyers he made for Donnette. He says...

I designed these for Donnette in 91 I believe. I remember her saying I was the first person to capture the music visually. I was told that Steve saw either these or some I did for her later, and liked them

In The Net

Donnette has kindly agreed to take her place In The Net (Last Modified 5th May) and take questions from anyone who'd like to ask. She speaks candidly about herself, her thoughts and the time she spent with Steve Kilbey and The Church.

Topic Description Last Modified
Donnette Herself Questions about Donnette that aren't specifically about music - find out what she's like as a person ! 8th April
Steve and/or The Church Donnette spent a lot of time with The Church and with Steve Kilbey. Her stories about those times reveal a lot about how The Church works and how Steve works in the group and on his own. 5th May
Hex This is the name under which Steve and Donnette released two albums. You can find out about the songs they wrote, technical issues and more. 20th April
Game Theory Donnette was in a band called Game Theory, which has since split up. Its former members are in other bands and Donnette shares some of her memories about them. 11th December 1998
Chaos And Wonder This is Donnette's latest album. Not surprisingly - it's great ! Find out more about the songs, the recording process and the cover art (?!) in this area. 31st December 1997
Science and Mathematics Donnette has a long-held interest in science and knows how to make mathematics work for her. 29th June
Miscellaneous The first few set of questions I asked are all here, plus anything else not covered in the other categories. 19th June

Featured Albums

Donnette and Steve Kilbey produced two albums together. In 1989 they released Hex, which was followed by 1990's Vast Halos. Donnette's newest solo release is Chaos And Wonder.


A collection of pictures from Donnette's own archives.


Two videos are now available in Real Video format.

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