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And Other Numbers

1st May 1997
The humble hit counter at the bottom of the main page, plus the recently added guestbook are the only feedback I get on this site, other than the regular flow of supportive, and much appreciated, emails from interested visitors. Actually, I once ran a survey of visitors and the results were pretty interesting !

In late March I noticed the average number of visitors per day, as reported by the service that supplied my hit counter ( was steadily growing, from around 50 to more than 60. This was a surprise because the counter had not been reset for a *very* long time so there was a lot of old numbers holding the average down.

I decided to reset the counter and see what happened - boy was I surprised ! The average went from 62.8 straight to 95 ! And as each day passed it went up more and more ! At the time of writing it stands at 116.4.

I then decided that I'd reset it every month and put the numbers up here for any statistically inclined people to read, but got a bit lazy a left it from June till November. Here's the data so far :

1st June to 13th November 1997
20814 visitors ending at 126.2 per day
1st May to 1st June 1997
3565 visitors ending at 114.2 per day
30th March to 1st May 1997
3708 visitors starting with 95 per day and finishing at 116.4 per day.
June 1995 to 30th March1997
36000 visitors @ 62.8 per day. This figure is, of course, mostly fudged since I didn't have a counter for the first six months or so. It may have been more, or less, but in the end the Universe will have a heat death when entropy reaches maximum so in the end what's the difference, eh ?