What Is Tim Powles Doing ?

Tim is a very busy guy ! Outside his fine work with The Church as producer and drummer, he produces albums for many other bands.

November 2002
Michael Cullen sent the follow information in

I am an Australian based solo artist. I recently made an album with Tim at Spacejunk. The album is called "Love Transmitter".

Tim produced and played drums as well as some bass and did lots of singing. Tim has also played on two previous albums of mine under the name Watershed "You Buried Me" and "Sour Pop". Tim also produced "Sour Pop".

My website www.michaelcullen.info contains some shots of Tim working at Spacejunk and a video as well which may be of interest to Church fans. There are also mp3s from "Love Transmitter" and previous albums.

I would list The Church as one of my influences along with Nick Cave, The GoBetweens et al. I think the music would be of interest to some Church fans. "Love Transmitter" is available on line from my site and also www.chaos.com.au and www.hmv.com.au.

If you want to see the Spacejunk studio where The Church recorded After Everything Now This, and see video of Tim mixing, you should check out his site.

October 2001
Tim is in the process of producing albums for the following bands:

Will Halliday
Jamison Young
Sara Mitchell....."the grey room"... now on sale
New Machine...."everything to do with my system"..... thru Phantom Music Group
Kinetic............ EP
Grant Meffan

Feb 27th 2000
From Tim

i've finished skulker cd... release late feb 2000 currently producing soft electronic act " kinetic"/ recorded trip hop=ambient drums for ollie olsen produced group "curse ov dialect"/ studio is rapidly developing and will be home to church to complete new 2000 cd after we track band stuff at garth porter's botany studio.../ still spinning on "cracker-box which may feature reworked versions of a couple of "tyg" trax....vocalists for this are still swinging...... another "stella 1-11' cd is looming in late april/may

30th August
Tim is producing fuzzpop all girl group "skulker" for chatterbox records and still working on Crackerbox with Dave Skeet. They're now joined on vocals by Rachel Holmshaw of Something Urban. He's completing a new album for Grant Meffan (ex starbelly) whom he says have "...sad subpop dunedin-style....." He'll be selling copies of tyg's in space while the church on tour in usa. The work is being done at his new studio in Glebe, Sydney..where i will finish the new Church album, now due for July 2000 release. Some more recording for that album will be done in Memphis at end of tour.

25th January
Tim is in Melbourne recording with Monique Brumby. The two videos for tyg's in space have nearly been completed. The CrackerBox album's music has been completed but the vocals aren't done yet.

27th November 1998
On Wednesday 25th Nov, Channel V (A pay TV music channel in Australia) aired a lengthy interview with Tim called "On the Job with Tim Powles". Did anyone tape it ? Write in if you did ! 19th August 1998
Tim is working with Dave Skeet and Margot Smith on a project called CrackerBox. He says the tracks so far sound COOL.

17th July 1998
Tim is travelling until July 20th, when he returns to Sydney to finish the sara m album. He'll be shooting videos for Fish and Spaceman, and says a video for Lousiana, the single from Hologram of Baal, will also be made.

He has started a new, as yet unnamed, project which is a collaboration between tyg (Tim and Chris), Dave Skeet and Margot Smith. He says they're out to break some rules and it's very exciting so far !

10th May 1998
After returning from a well-earned six week break Tim wrote to me and said he'd signed a U.K. deal for tyg's in space ! It will be released through 3rd Stone records (just in England, I think) and he's still finalising a deal for Australian distribution. No word on a US deal, Tim ?

He is also working on a "sara m album", single edits and remixes for the new Church album, more recording with Penny Flanagan, and he finished a Stella1-11 album before his recent holiday.

13th January 1998
Tim reports that the new Church album is midway through mixing and is "...sounding excellent."

15th December 1997
Straight from the spaceman's mouth...

i'm mixing new church album starting tues......my tyg cd is complete and almost available...penny flanagan album half mixed and awaiting record deal.......producing new cindy ryan cd with genevieve maynard(ex-bughouse) in feb 1998 .... played live with wayne conolly's Knieval for several dates in Vic late nov.

1st May 1997
Phil Nunn follows up with...

Tim has not [ and will not!] be joining Penny Flanagan's "Pop" band but is producing and playing drums on her album . Penny is privledged to have Tim's involvement!!!

Regarding Tim's music career, outside of the Church, he is part of Refo-mation with Steve Kilbey and Peter Koppes and has an exciting new project with the fabulous Chris Campbell tentatively called TYG,

4th March 1997
Simon Oaten informs me that...

As for current band member activity, Tim will be joining Penny Flanagan's new pop band which has its debut on 14 March at Cat 'n Fiddle Hotel, Balmain, Sydney.

Hopefully some touring around Australia will follow before heading into the studio to do Penny's upcoming album. This info comes from a reliable source - Miss Flanagan.

31st August 1996
The Reformation is definitely on. Steve, Peter and Tim have recorded several tracks and Steve is reportedly very happy with it all. Tim also played on the Stephen Cummings album "Escapist", which was produced by Steve. Marty and Peter were also involved.

16th June 1996
Tim worked with Steve and Peter on The Reformation.

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