What Is Steve Doing ?

October 2001
"Dabble"....nice :) Steve Kilbey has a new solo album completed. It's called Dabble and it will be out "very soon". The Karmic Hit site describes it as a cross between Remindlessness and Unearthed...a perfect mix I'm sure :)

May 9th 2001
Bengt Kirschon (benke@oneday.nu) wrote to me to let me know about a track Steve Kilbey recorded with him and his band in Sweden. You can hear the 8 1/2 minute song at www.onedaydemos.nu. Click on the "Demos" link, then click on "Lyssna på hela låten" (listen to whole tune)

October 14th 2000
Steve's been a very busy man while I let this page gather dust.

April 4th 2000
Steve will be playing a show in Sydney on April 9th, during which he will answer questions about his songs ! Places are limited to just 50 tickets, so get in quickly ! See Karmic Hit for details.

Steve and Natalie have twins !!
On October 15th, 1999 Natalie gave birth to twin girls, Eve and Aurora. We join with Church fans worldwide in wishing them the best of luck !

July 27th - July 30th
Steve has sold the bass guitar used in the Milky Way video. Thanks to everyone who made an offer and congratulations to the high bidder !

24th February
Nineveh/The Ephemeron
SK's first book of published prose since 'Earthed' in 1988....the magician's apprentice weaves his spell once more....a 76 page A5 book printed on top quality satin paper....a ltd edition of 500 copies....some classic Kilbey imagery and word-play....

Nineveh/The Ephemeron can be purchased from 'Erskine Music and Word'

56 Littleworth
Nr. Leighton Buzzard
United Kingdom

The following prices include postage and packing
USA: 14 dollars cash or IMO for £7.50 sterling
AUS: 20 dollars cash or IMO for £7.50 sterling
UK: 6 pounds 50 pence
Europe: 7 pounds

Chqs/IMO's must be in £ sterling and drawable on a UK bank. No foreign currency cheques. Please make payable to "T Boyd". Trevor's email address is boydnet@compuserve.com, in case you have any questions.

13th August 1998
You can order the book Screwed from Gleebooks. There are stories by Steve, Russell, Steven Cummings and many others. [March 11th '99] Actually that shop doesn't have it any more, so you may need to search second hand & remaindered shops.

29th July 1998
I can tell you that Steve's arm has healed well enough that he can play this show without Marty's help on guitar :-) Thanks to Kevin Keohane for passing this along.

9th July 1998
Steve is playing a solo gig in Sa Pobla, Majorca (How's your Spanish ?) on 11th August. He's taking one of his daughters along too !

5th July 1998
Russell Kilbey tells me that a collection of short stories has been published here in Australia, and that he and Steve each contributed a story. The book is called Screwed and should be available through most bookshops, though overseas availability is unknown.

11th June 1998
Steve will be joining Margot Smith and her band (which includes Peter Koppes) for a couple of gigs on their upcoming tour of the US, which is currently scheduled around October/November. He's not joining the full tour but will most likely play in their shows in New York.

29th May 1998
Steve Kilbey
Steve range me today and confirmed that his arm is broken and he's also got "dented legs" from the accident, which he says was his fault.

27th May 1998
Source: Doug Berry, Patti Hood
Steve spent 5 hours at the hospital and never got looked at. Patti was going to call him again and let Doug know more.

25th May 1998
Dan Gannon passed the following information to me. He was calling Steve to inquire about his bid in the bass guitar auction and...

...he must be a very polite gentleman because he told me late in the conversation that he had just been hit by a car, was bloody and probably had a broken arm. He was crossing the street when a Mercedes clipped him at 50 kph. He was questioned by police for two hours and then sent home. He thought he might have to go to a hospital.

That's all I know so far. If anyone knows more can they please contact me and I'll put the information here.

22nd May 1998
The auction for Steve's bass is over - Steve and his teeth thank everyone who took part. Getting back to the more usual kind of news, he tells me that his upcoming book will actually be two books : Ephemeron and Ninevah. The first is a prose book he's had around for ages, while the second is a book of poetry written very recently. It will be ready in two or three months through the NSEW fanzine.

In other news, Kevyn Marshall tells me Steve will be doing a record with Frank of Cactus World News. He will also be releasing another book of poetry through the NSEW fanzine, possibly called Ninevah.

27th March 1998
While talking to Peter Koppes (or was it someone else ?) I heard that Steve has added another show to his London schedule because the first one sold out. Can anyone confirm this ?

25th March 1998
This is an additional bit of news about Steve's upcoming solo show in London. The support act will be none other than Robert Lurie, an independent singer-songwriter from Athens, Georgia. He's also a friend of mine and I'm very happy for him. He mailed me and said

I GOT THE GIG!!!!!!!


A man using that many exclamation marks has got to be pleased ! Later, and in a more measured tone, he posted the following in his email newsletter :
On April 25th I will be opening for Steve Kilbey of The Church at "The Borderline" in London! Those of you who know me know that The Church's "Under the Milky Way" inspired me to become a songwriter 10 years ago.

Those of you who know me also know that I just graduated from college and my 24th birthday is just three days before the Kilbey show. What a way to celebrate! For so many different reasons I am walking on the ceiling right now!

I will post the actual time of the show as soon as I find out. If any of you are going to be anywhere near London at that time, COME TO THIS SHOW. I truly believe that Steve Kilbey is the world's greatest living songwriter.

I'm going to be doing a whole slew of gigs in Athens to pay for my plane ticket. More on that later.

So if you live in Athens, go along to Robert's gigs and say hello. And buy his CD too, it's pretty cool :)

6th March 1998
Steve is playing a solo show at The Borderline in London on April 25th. Here's the announcement from Trevor Boyd, of the NSEW fanzine.

NSEW PROMOTIONS is proud to present:

Steve Kilbey in concert (solo acoustic) at London's The Borderline : Saturday 25th April 1998.

Tickets are available from:
Borderline Box-Office (4pm - 7.30 pm Mon - Fri) : 0171-734-2095 or
Ticketmaster (24 hour ticket hotline) : 0171-344-4444

Don't forget those are English phone numbers, so non-UK residents need to dial their international access code and "44" for England.

Ticket price: £7 advance; £8 on the door. They will be available from 5/3/98.

26th August 1997
Steve has confirmed that he is moving to Sweden in mid-December.

11th May 1997
People who ordered Steve's home video project, which was sadly cancelled, will not be receiving copies of Gilt Trip. Instead they will get tapes of rare unreleased material (Church or Skilbey ? I don't know...) and a copy of the Ripple single.

Also The Reformation, which is made up of Steve, Tim and Peter....The Church without Marty...is looking good ! The name might be changed to The Refomation though.

1st May 1997
Steve's two new projects, Gilt Trip and Narcosis Plus have appeared in the latest Vicious Sloth catalog. The first thousand copies of Narcosis Plus will be autographed (if I've read that right...) so get your orders in now !

25th April 1997
This is a Church thing, not specifically about Steve: Marty has been talking to an English label who might be interested in signing The Church. Fingers crossed !

24th March 1997
According to David Rundle, Steve has done the soundtrack for a movie called Black Rock. The movie is about the murder of a young girl in Stockton, a suburb of the Australian city of Newcastle.

Narcosis Plus and Gilt Trip will both be released through Vicious Sloth, a company located here in Melbourne. I didn't know they did anything more than trade in music collectibles but I guess they're branching out :) Good luck to them !

4th March 1997
The video that SK was planning to put out with footage from the GAF tour has had to be abandoned due to copyright reasons. All those who sent the cash to Steve for the video will instead receive a copy of 'Gilt Trip' the album that Steve and his brother Russell will have out in a couple of months time.

22nd August 1996

30th June 1996
The Church will be touring with the new album, Magician Among The Spirits, but I'm not sure when this is going to happen. The tour is currently set to include Australian capital cities only. The main thing keeping it from going any further is the risk of damaging Steve's hearing with prolonged exposure to concert-level volumes. Suggestions on the Seance mailing list include having a whip round to buy him a super-duper set of ear plugs, or turning down the volume on the foldback speakers....it's a crazy idea but it just might work ! :-)

16th June 1996
Steve is currently in Sweden with his family. His current projects include:

Narcosis Plus
Rerelease of this rare 1991 5 track EP with extra tracks included. Due in August sometime.
The Reformation
Steve, Tim and Peter Koppes have recorded twelve tracks for this project so far. It is still only instrumental and Steve is reportedly "very happy" with progress.
Season In Hell
Steve contributed a track to a Brett Whiteley (an Australian artist) tribute album. It is a poem being read by Steve, but I'm not sure if he wrote it....I'm looking into it now.

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