Music For The Eyes

Russell Kilbey & Don Burrows

August 13 - September 7

Opening at the Lewis Morley Photographers Showcase on August 13 will be Music For The Eyes, an exhibition of photographic images by Don Burrows and Russell Kilbey. The exhibition features over thirty black and white photographs drawn from their respective portfolios.

Perhaps better known for their endeavours within the musical arena, both Don and Russell have each long maintained an active interest in photography. While the exhibition draws together two very distinct visual pursuits, both photographers have embraced the possibilities of the medium with the same inspiration and reverence with which they have so successfully crafted their music.

For over fifty years, Don Burrows has been delighting us with his unique talents with the clarinet, flute and saxophone. He has played with everyone from The Sydney Symphony Orchestra to Frank Sinatra. Don has released countless recordings and continues to maintain a hectic touring schedule which has him constantly traversing the country.

As well as touring and performing, Don Burrows actively pursues a program of introducing both music and photography to school children in remote regions of Australia.

"When going out to the schools with just music, I felt that I wasn't involving all the kids. So I decided to take along my photographs and it has since become a total involvement with all of the children, no matter where I am."

Don Burrows presents an honest yet sensual view of life. He shows the world as he sees it and, in so doing, offers an enchanting glimpse into the simple marvels which constitute everyday life.

"The inspiration for my photography simply comes from the world and the people in it, which I see every time I open my eyes," explains Don. "You don't have to look far to find shots, they are everywhere - they are under your feet - you are walking over them a lot of the time."

"As a photographer you constantly see things that other people simply don't see - they might be looking but they don't really see. It has greatly enriched my view of the world."

And it is a remarkable world to which Don Burrows treats us. We are lead through the streets of a local Shanghai market, across the dusty plains to the Flinders Ranges and into the wind-blown reaches of mountainous Tasmania. We meet a young aboriginal girl discovering music and an exhibitionist pelican enjoying the rain.

While Don's photographic offerings are primarily inspired by his surrounds, Russell Kilbey's images are an intimate encounter from within. His is a deeply personal exploration, one defined by the moment, where time and place hold little significance.

Having initially ventured into the local music scene as singer and bassist with the much-acclaimed Crystal Set, Russell Kilbey has since amassed an impressive array of credentials. He has worked with The Church, Stephen Cummings and Kev Carmody and has recently collaborated on the composition of both film soundtracks (Blackrock) and instrumental albums (Turky Neck Lasso and Gilt Trip).

In the early eighties when Crystal Set signed their first record deal with Red Eye Records, the opportunity arose for Russell to not only provide the photography for his own music outfit, but also for most of the other artists on the label.

"Through photography, I try to impart a magical timelessness," explains Russell. "I aim to present an experience which is different and a point of view out of the ordinary."

"When I am photographing, I always start with an idea from which a photograph starts to take shape. So the photograph becomes a representation of that idea. To some degree, I guess, it is a reflection of the way I make music."

Perhaps slightly more reflective of his musical sensibilities than that of his co-exhibitor, Russell's work transports us through a number of emotive scenarios. We meet Steve Kilbey and Karin Jansson seemingly lost within a private, mystical world, Tex Perkins balancing awkwardly upon a roof-top and Kim Salmon becoming intimate with a fish.

The photographic worlds through which Don Burrows and Russell Kilbey lead are as different as the music they each create. And while they have each embraced the medium for their own visual pursuit, their respective images combine harmoniously to result in music for the eyes.

Supporting the exhibition, the gallery's Print Room will feature a selection of images from leading photographers who work within the music industry. On show and available for purchase will be work by Wendy McDougall, Elise Lockwood, John Stanton and Lewis Morley.

Sample Images

Mask Sinking
This image is from a series taken for Steve's Earthed album.
Mask Sinking II
This is the image that later became the album cover.
Steve Kilbey And Karin Jansonn
This image was used as the cover of Steve's first single, This Ashphalt Eden.
Boys And Waterfall
Used for the Crystal Set's EP "Cluster".
Sinking Guitar
The Baghavad Guitars used this for their album "Foreverglades".
Kim Salmon
Singer of The Surrealists.
Tex Perkins
Singer for The Cruel Sea.

They are monochrome photographs printed on fibre-based paper. The prints are 8 x 10 inches in size and are mounted and matted between 16 x 20 inch acid-free Bainbridge Board. Each image is signed by Russell and are limited to an edition of XXXX

The images are available at a price of $250.00 AUD unframed or $300.00 AUD framed.

For further information, promotional images or to arrange an interview with either Russell Kilbey or Don Burrows, please call Brett Leigh Dicks on (02) 9810 5104. You can email Brett at

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