What Is Peter Doing ?

May 7 2000
This page is lying !! Peter has not been idle since March 1998, he's actually been a hard working musician, touring and recording with The Church ! During 1998 he released an album called Love Era / Irony, and he recently completed a video for Sound ! I've spent weeks wrestling my evil computer and it's stoopid video capture card into submission and it's finally relented and let me start converting my Church video collection, starting with Mr Koppes' fine video, which can be seen on the ABC's Rage. Aussies may recognize some of the settings in the video; it was shot in the Blue Mountains and around Sydney. It's Peter's first music video, so take a look and see what you think. If you haven't already got the album then follow the link above and get it - in my opinion it's essential listening.

You can see it at low quality streaming (23K bandwidth) or non-streaming (783K file size) or medium quality streaming (34K bandwidth) or non-streaming (1152K file size). Or if you don't mind a 6.8 meg download you can see the super-duper full quality version.

17th March 1998
Here are the Victorian dates for Margot Smith's appearances :

She's one of three acts at the first two gigs and will be onstage around 8pm. At the Esplanade she'll probably start around 8.30 pm - thanks to Geoff for the info:mation !

9th February 1998
Sue C has told me that Phantom Records are inviting all visitors to this web site to the launch party for Margot Smith's new album, Taste. Peter Koppes and Tim Powles will be there, for the Church fan in us all, but you should come and hear Margot sing; she's really entrancing.

It's on Wednesday 4th March at 'The Globe' in Newtown, Sydney. Peter wants all fans of Margot and the band to get together to celebrate, mix mingle & shmooze [his words!].

So, lucky Aussies, if you want to come just send a self addressed envelope to Phantom Records @ Box A566 Sydney South NSW 1235 and they will send back a complimentary pass. [B: Yes, that's the right postcode even though most of NSW starts with a 2.]

Follow the link on Margot's name above for a list of Australian tour dates.

PS 'Taste', Margot's new album, can be ordered from Kylie at phantom@real.net.au

13th January 1998
Margot Smith and Peter Koppes will be touring the United States soon ! This alone is great but it gets better ! They want to hear where you want them to play ! If you want to vote on a location, offer help in finding venues, distributing flyers or whatever then please write to Sue (kascam@bigpond.com.au) and tell her what you want, or what you can offer. Please include a reliable email address so she can contact you back.

December 26th 1997
Peter will be touring Australia, and possibly the US, with Margot Smith to support the release of her new album, Taste, which will be released in a few weeks.

November 4th 1997
Peter has been working extensively with Margot Smith recently. They have a 4 track EP coming soon. He is also about to move house, relocating to the beautiful Blue Mountains.

15th July 1997
Peter's new album should be released in mid to late August, according to sources at Phantom Records.

4th July 1997
Andrew Walker met Peter a couple of days ago and was told that his new album was currently being finished off. No release date as yet.

11th May 1997
This is an email posted to Seance by Morten Skjefte, former maintainer of the Seance list (and the only Navigationally-Impaired Norwegian in San Francisco without a roadmap ;-) I love an in-joke !) He wrote to Phantom Records about new Church-related projects.

31st August 1996
I sent some questions to Peter via Colin Wright and the reply foreshadows good things to come !

16th June 1996
Peter's current activities include

The Reformation
Steve, Tim and Peter Koppes have recorded twelve tracks for this project so far. It is still only instrumental and Steve is reportedly "very happy" with progress.
Steven Cummings' album The Escapist
Peter played on this release which was produced by Steve Kilbey.

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