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October 4th 1997
The second Margot Smith album now looks like being released through Phantom Records, on a label that Margot and Peter Koppes have created (no label name yet!); Margot will be playing live (she has been for a while now in Sydney) to promote the album, and Peter Koppes will be playing with her. Thanks to Anthony Horan for the news.

4th July 1997
A photographic exhibition is being held in Sydney on August 13th, which features the work of Russell Kilbey and our our Brett Leigh Dicks, among others.

11th May 1997
Margot's album might be released through Phantom Records. Apparently Peter Koppes is working towards this goal.

13th September 1996 Happy Birthday to Steve !

Anthony Horan contributes the following extremely welcome (and long anticipated) tidbit of news...

* Margot Smith may be a name familiar to some of you. She has just recorded her second album, and this time, it's entirely produced by Steve Kilbey. It was recorded at Karmic Hit, though some of the material on the album has its origins in the 8-track demos that Margot has been working on for the past couple of years. The album has 15 tracks (currently - a couple more may be added), and runs for 42 minutes - many tracks are extremely short, running for 1 or 2 minutes. This works better than you'd think it would. What also might be of interest to Seancers is the fact that she's covered the Hex track "An Arrangement" on this album. I'll have full songwriting credits etc etc tomorrow, hopefully. Currently I just have a DAT of the album with a title list. The album (it's called "What Happened Then...") was recorded by Russell Kilbey and mixed by Tim Powles. Tim, Steve and Peter Koppes all play on the record.

And what's it like? It's *brilliant*. Steve said he thinks it's better than the first album; I'd say there's no contest.

Margot's still shopping a deal for the album's release, so no date as yet.

31st August 1996
Russell Kilbey's band's new album Turkey Neck Lasso sounds really good ! Its an instrumental album with an Old West theme, but its lush, strong and engaging. I'm not sure when it'll be released, but hopefully it'll be soon.

23rd July 1996
Russell Kilbey wrote to me to let me know that his new project, Turkey Neck Lassoo will be released on August 12th. I'm assuming this is an Australian only release for now.

16th June 1996

Richard Ploog
Peter Koppes told an email pal of mine that Richard works in the catering department of a Sydney hospital and is currently involved in a musical project with Peter. More details as they come to hand.
Jay Dee Daugherty
Last news was that he played on Patti Smith's last album.
Nick Ward (drummer on Of Skins and Heart)
Not a clue !

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