What Is Marty Doing ?

October 2003
*THURSDAY OCT 23 - University of Canberra UniBar Bruce - 7.30pm...then same night at the Phoenix Bar, 21 East Row Civic Square with support Raoul Graft at 10pm.

*MONDAY OCT 27 - Playing one song live on Radio National/Phillip Adams show!!! -approximately 9.30pm

*WEDNESDAY OCT 29 - UNSW - University of NSW - Library Lawn Acoustic - 1-1.55pm.

*THURSDAY OCT 30 - The Northern Star Newcastle - MWP Acoustic 9pm plus support.

Feb 2003
Marty will be performing solo in New York at The Cutting Room on Feb 28. He will be on stage at 7.30pm.

The Cutting Room street address is 19 West 24th Street, New York

For more information check out http://www.thecuttingroomnyc.com/cuttingroom.html

Jan 2003
Marty will be touring Australia solo - don't miss out on the chance to hear him ! I'm pretty sure this list is not complete, so check your local music papers for details until I get this list solid.

Friday 24th of January
Venue: Tris Elies 
Place: Katoomba
Support: Matt Tonks
Times: 8:30PM-12:00AM
Tickets: $15

Sunday 26th January
Venue: The Healer
Place: Brisbane
Support: Dave Denvar
Times: 8:30PM-1:00AM
Tickets: $12

Wednesday 29th of January
Venue: The Oxford Tavern
Place: Wollongong
Support: Raoul Graf
Times: 9PM 11:30PM
Tickets: $7

Thursday 30th of January
Venue: The Northern Star 
Place: Newcastle
Support:Raoul Graf
Times: 9-11:30PM
Tickets: $6

Friday 31st of January & Saturday 1st February
Venue: The Sandringham  
Place: Newtown,Sydney
Support: Atalana (31st) Raoul Graf & Matt Tonks (1st)
Times: 8:30-11:30PM
Tickets: $12 

Jan 2003
Marty has started a very cool site called Newspaper Taxi where you can read reviews of albums and shows. What's unusual about the site is that they're all written by other artists. Marty has, at this date, reviewed eleven albums and shows...go check it out.

February 25th 2000
Marty has played on a track on Roxanne Fontana's latest album. You can read more about the album at http://www.etoilerecords.com/

24 January 2000
Marty's new album

Heyday Records has announced the release of Hanging Out In Heaven on 2/15/00 or order you can order it from their site and receive it next week. Download the single "Forget The Radio" from their site.

24 January 2000
Marty's US tour dates ! Once again Christopher "Chrispy" Price has produced the definitive MWP tour page !

10th November 1999
Marty's touring !

As far as I can make out, Marty is touring non-stop until next March !! Tim Powles tells me that Marty is in England preparing to tour with All About Eve. Thanks to CandyTree I've learned that AAE are supporting The Mission at 3 London shows on November 23rd-25th. Go to the CandyTree site for more info, or you can even book tickets here.

He is then touring the U.S with his acoustic guitar in hand around January or February, then reporting for Church Duty in Sydney in March to complete the next Church album.

Rumour has it that The Church will be playing in Sydney and Melbourne around that time, so get your paisley shirts dry-cleaned :)

August 25th 1999
Dan Gannon drew my attention to this item on cdnow.com.

Church's Wilson-Piper [sic.]Produces Justin Clayton

Aug 5, 1999, 10:10 am PT

The Church's Marty Wilson-Piper will be behind the knobs for ex-Julian Lennon guitarist Justin Clayton's debut solo album, entitled Limb. Wilson-Piper also contributes 12-string guitar to one track on the album ("Shallow World"), set for release on Ultimatum Music on Sept. 14.

Clayton, who played guitar on three of Lennon's albums (1984's Valotte, 1989's Mr. Jordan, and 1991's Help Yourself) and co-wrote several songs for the singer/songwriter, spent the better part of 1999 holed up in the Blue Room recording studio in Gälve, Sweden -- not far from where Wilson-Piper sometimes calls home in Stockholm. Two local Swedish musicians, drummer Christer Bjorkland and bassist J. Odelholm, also help Clayton out on the album.

Said to be part Verve, part Radiohead, and part Jeff Buckley, Clayton's debut also features producer/engineer Ed Buller (London Suede), who mixed one track, "(Sometimes Life's A) Drag."

"Tragic," the first single from Limb, will hit radio on Aug 23.

-- Kevin Raub

April 14th 1999
From Robert Walker

I just spoke with Marty today and want to let you all know what's up with Marty's LONG awaited new solo album. Well, Marty has been busy producing in the studio lately and hasn't any spare time to even think. So, he says his plans are to write and record with the Church for May and June, then take July to remix Hanging Out In Heaven. IF he finishes it up in July, then we should be able to have it out by Sept. or very early Oct. The good news to all of us USA folks is that the Church plan to do another tour in Sept. so Marty's thinking about sticking around to do a solo US tour in Oct.

Sorry it's taking so long to get this record out, the first mix I've heard sounds incredible to say the least! But of course, MWP has some more ideas he wants to work on, so hence the delay.


Robert Rankin Walker
Heyday Records

1288 Columbus Ave. #335
San Francisco, CA 94133

Ph: 415 602 2863
FAX: 415 898 5598


March 2nd 1999
Hanging Out In Heaven will be out around June, according to the good people at Heyday Records. Marty recently (April 1997 !) played guitar for one song on "The Night We Taught Ourselves To Sing", the debut album of The Volares. Julianne Regan, ex All About Eve singer, also sang on the same song, "Open Book". They are currently changing email addresses, but you can write to Volares, PO Box 720714, Dallas, Texas USA 75372 if you're interested.

10th November 1998
Marty told me that his album Hanging Out In Heaven will be released in March 1999. To make the point that it is not his current musical state, he wants to also release a 4 track CD with new songs, as yet unwritten, to show people what he's currently thinking in musical terms.

September 16th 1998
Several people have told me that Marty appears on the new record of ex-Wedding Present leader, David Gedge. The band is named Cinerama.

August 13th 1998
Kevin Keohane says...

Marty will appear in the next issue (I think) of Guitar Player magazine with the Rickenbacker he used on Destination, Hotel Womb and the Metropolis/You're Still Beautiful videos.

August 11th 1998
Andrea K. Heil says...

We are doing an Online-Chat with Marty from THE CHURCH at the Popkomm/Cologne/Germany on Saturday, 15th, 1998 / 13:30 h Central European Summer Time and just wanted to inform you about this event. Maybe you are interested in either surfing by or even spreading the news to other fans.

The URL is http://planetsound.com/popkomm/

July 14th 1998
Marty might be playing guitar for Steve's concert in Majorca due to Steve's broken arm.

Marty is in Stockholm till mid August then off to Germany for promo then touring. His solo album is 'pretty much ready' but he's still looking into labels (not pushing too hard due to release of Church album ... timing, timing, timing ...and legal stuff with Cooking Vinyl ie right of refusal on release etc.).

10th May 1998
Marty's guitars have both been sold.

3rd April 1998
Marty is selling two more guitars from his collection. They are both semi-acoustic Rickenbackers, one is a convertible twelve/six string for 1800 pounds and the other is a six string for 1500 pounds.

The 6 string is the red double-binding Rick with tremelo bar made specially for Marty by Rickenbacker around the time of Starfish. It is a one-off custom made guitar. It has 3 pick-ups and musical note f-hole. Marty thinks he used it on the Reptile video and the Metropolis video. He thinks he also played it on Hotel Womb and Destination.

Both guitars come in genuine Rick guitar cases by the way,

Please contact me if you're interested in buying either of these guitars or if you have any questions.

Also Marty is going to be offline for some time, so I'm not going to be taking any more questions for him to answer, as he's got no way to send me answers easily.

3rd Feb 1998
Marty is in Sweden till the 14th mixing an album for Hakan Ahlstrom.

27th June 1997
Will you be touring with Julianne soon ?
We may do some live gigs if the window of oppurtunity opens.We're looking for an agent who likes what we do.We are working on new songs at the same time as running through some old acoustic versions of things.We would want to play new songs as well as old.So if we get some new songs finished,we find an agent,I'm not off somewhere doing a Church Lp, then we probably will do some shows.

25th April 1997
Marty has been in Sweden doing promotion for the Seeing Stars album. Here's his schedule as sent by Per Malmstedt of Border Music

15/4    Release of the SEEING STARS album

21/4    Marty, Zoe and Charlotta arrived Malmö/Sweden for a live radioshow at P3 (National Radio)

22/4    Press and radio  in Malmö

23/4    Press and radio in Gothenburg

24/4    Press, radio and TV in Stockholm

17th January 1997
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 15:36:37 +0100 From: Per Malmstedt Organization: Border Music AB

Just for information: Never Swallow Stars are now SEEING STARS. Border Music will release their album on the BORDERLINE RECORDS label. We don't have any official release date but I think it will be out in the middle of March.

If you want more information please don't hesitate to contact me.

All the best

Pdr Malmstedt / MD

6th September 1996
Marty plays guitar on a couple of tracks on the (very) new CD from Julianne Regan's band "Mice"", "Because I Can". In the UK it's on Permanent Records, cat no PERMDCX35.

31st August 1996
Oops ! Forgot to mention this here :)

Marty and Zoe are proud parents ! Charlotte Sophie Willson-Piper was born on the 14th of August. Our congratulations to both of you and best wishes to you, your families and your new child. Is this a good time to wonder why the members of The Church have only had daughters ?! Something to do with having their electric guitars slung too low, perhaps ;-) ?

30th June 1996
Marty is preparing for fatherhood ! He and his wife Zoe will be parents in a couple of weeks ! Best of luck from all your fans !

16th June 1996
Marty is currently in London setting up his new home. He has just moved his studio from Sweden to London, including his massive record collection (15,000 last time I heard) ! His current projects include:

Hanging Out In Heaven
His new solo album is still being mixed.
Never Swallow Stars
A band consisting of Marty and two guys from All About Eve. What is the status of this album ?

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