What Is The Church Doing ?

November 26th 2001
The band and crew were flying from Melbourne to Sydney when an explosion in the engine forced the plane to turn back. Steve is quoted in the article, sent to me by Daniel Bowen, as saying

Qantas plane lands safely after engine failure

A Qantas Boeing 767 is being inspected after a problem in its engine forced its return to Melbourne this morning.

Qantas flight 426 was on its way from Melbourne to Sydney with 204 passengers on board when, according to an initial air traffic control report, the plane's pilot was alerted to a loud bang in the left engine.

Qantas says some passengers reported seeing flames coming from one of the engines but the airline believes they may have seen sparks caused by a small part of the engine's fan blade coming loose.

Qantas says the captain told passengers the aircraft had experienced a catastrophic engine failure, but allayed their fears by explaining the plane would be able to land safely.

The plane was turned around 20 nautical miles out of Melbourne.

The executive general manager of Aircraft Operations for Qantas, David Forsyth, says the cause of the fan blade failure is still to be determined, but there was no major damage to the aircraft.

Mr Forsyth says Qantas has experienced one or two fan blade failures with the type of engine involved in the last 10 years.

He says the passengers' safety was not at risk.

"One of our executives was on board the aircraft and while the aircraft was in flight the captain reassured the passengers that there were no safety issues, the aircraft was going to return and land safely," he said.

"He made two announcements while the aircraft was in flight and he made another announcement while the aircraft taxied in and he talked to the passengers as they departed the aircraft, and that's when he described to them that it was a serious engine failure, which it was," Mr Forsyth said.

One of the passengers aboard the Qantas flight said he heard a loud bang and saw a large hole in the jet engine when he landed back in Melbourne.

Steve Kilbey, the lead singer of Australian band The Church, says he was travelling with his band and crew when the incident happened.

"We were about 20 minutes out, there was a loud kind of bang, the plane began to vibrate," he said.

"One of our road crew said he was looking and saw a big hole in the jet then when we got out we could see that it was.

"Everyone was pretty calm [and it was] a very slow flight back to Melbourne though," Mr Kilbey said.

Air Services Australia spokesman Richard Dudly says emergency services were on standby at the pilot's request and all safety procedures were followed.

"The pilots are trained for such eventualities and immediately swing into gear," Mr Dudly said.

Passengers were transferred to another flight which has since landed in Sydney.

October 8th 2001
So you took some friends to the last Church tour and they said "It was too loud ! I don't get it ! Why do you like them ?" ? Now is your chance to hear the band playing a beautiful, stripped back show that demonstrates their mastery of music. Here's a review I wrote of a show in 1995 (pictures too !), where Steve and Marty played at the Continental Cafe in Melbourne. If I got that carried away with half of The Church, just imagine how great the shows will be with Peter, Tim and a guest keyboard player there too !

The church acoustic tour 2001

Steve Kilbey - Peter Koppes - Tim Powles - Marty Willson-Piper
With special guest David Lane

Nov 22 Tilly’s - Canberra
Nov 23 Queenscliff Festival - VIC
Nov 24/25 The Corner – Melbourne (Tickets $28+bf or $53+bf dinner and show available at the Corner and 9427 9198)
Nov 26 on hold The Corner –
Nov 27/28/29 Basement – Sydney
Nov 30 The Governor - Adelaide
Dec 1 The Zoo - Brisbane

The tour will be acoustic / semi electric 4 piece plus piano/electric piano. The aim of the tour is to promote the new single due for release mid October and to preview the new album due for release early February (through Cooking Vinyl – CMEB - TE), as well as playing a few favourite classics.

Support Act David Lane solo will support in Tilly’s, The Govenor and The Zoo. David Lane with band will support The Corner. Sydney support to be confirmed.

This month should also see the release of a single, "Numbers", from the new album. For those who have the Steve Kilbey Acoustic and Intimate video this is the song you see Steve recording for the new Church album. Tim says the single will also contain material not on the album, which is always nice for collectors :) He also says there will be a remix/ambient/alternate versions etc cd coming out too.

May 9th 2001
The new album has been put on hold until early next year. Peter says this was a disappointing decision, but it will allow the album to be promoted properly and hopefully be received well.

April 19th 2001
Here's me waiting for permission to put an mp3 of the song on this website and the rest of the world is already shipping it around...might as well join them! :) You can get the song from http://www.hockwold-cum-wilton.org/camra/radiance.mp3 or Napster.

Jan 25th 2001
Oh cripes, After Everything....Now This :(

The new album will not be released by the Telegraph Company - contractual problems have arisen as described in the following new item, borrowed from CDNow's Allstar Music at http://www.cdnow.com/cgi-bin/mserver/redirect/leaf=allstararticle/fid=247356.

Something fishy is going on in the Church camp. Despite the band being signed to Thirsty Ear Records, which has previously released 1998's Hologram of Baal and 1999's Box of Birds, the Brooklyn-based Telegraph Company announced the release of the band's upcoming new album, After Everything, in a press release last week.

On Tuesday (Jan. 23), that announcement was taken back as the band is still signed to Thirsty Ear. "We're sorry to say that we have been misinformed as to the availability of the North American copyright for the Church's upcoming album, After Everything," said the statement.

"In recent days, it has come to our attention that there are outstanding contractual obligations that the Church needs to fulfill before they can begin working with another label," the statement continued. "Obviously, when the press release was issued, we were not aware of these obligations, nor was it our intent to infringe on the rights of any entity who has a pre-existing contractual agreement with the Church."

According to a spokesperson for Thirsty Ear, there was a misunderstanding between the two labels which has since been resolved -- although neither Thirsty Ear nor Telegraph will go into any further details surrounding the confusion.

Still, After Everything will surface on Thirsty Ear at an as-yet-undecided date as the Church is still in the recording studio. Including After Everything, the Church still owes Thirsty Ear three more albums per its contract.

"As longtime fans of the Church, Telegraph's enthusiasm for and goodwill towards the band remains unabated," continued the statement. "We wish the band all the best and have the utmost respect for them."

-- Kevin Raub

The new release date for the album is unknown. I also haven't heard whether the tour is still on - can anyone advise me ?

Jan 21st 2001
The Church have a new label, The Telegraph Company and the new album, After Everything, will be released on April 24th ! A North American tour promoting the album will begin in March 2001.

October 14th 2000
After a long hiatus I have returned with lots of news but not very much about The Church. There's plenty of news on solo albums and outside projects, but all that I can say for The Church at the moment is that work on the new album is continuing and the band's official web site will be launched soon.

April 4th
With the concerts now over The Church have returned to the studio to complete the recording of their new album. They have a lot of material ready thanks to their writing sessions before the shows, so we can all look forward to another great record.

March 13th
Studio 22

Studio22 is a television program broadcast on the ABC network in Australia. Each week they feature a different band playing "live" in their studio - it's not aired live, but it is recorded live. The Church will be recording their show on March 16th and all tickets have now been issued - no more are available. Congratulations to those fans who registered, and I look forward to seeing you there ! Ticketholders should be in the canteen area at 9.30 pm precisely...don't show up any later than that !!

From a fan's perspective this show is a real treat; as far as I can remember The Church have not recorded a full electric show in a television studio....ever (?!) For those of us who were waiting for a live album and film to come out, this is probably as close as we're going to get - I hope the ABC will release this on video in PAL and NTSC formats !

More Sydney Shows

The Church will be playing an additional show at the Metro on the 31st of March and in Newcastle at the Worker's Club on April 1st - no joke !

February 2nd 2000
The 20th Anniversary "Box of Birds" tour is coming to town ! The Church will be playing live shows in Melbourne and Sydney while they're here to finish recording their next album. For Melbourne fans, they will be at the Mercury Lounge on March 10th and March 11th at the HiFi Bar. Sydneysiders should be at the Metro on March 18th.

November 10th 1999
Rumour has it that The Church will be playing in Sydney and Melbourne around that time, so get your paisley shirts dry-cleaned :)

September 9th (Happy birthday Mum !)
Buddha Records is releasing a new "best of" album. Here is the information, kindly sent in by Dan Gannon.

The Church
Under the Milkyway: Best of The Church

Hailing from Sydney, Australia but sounding more like Liverpudlians Echo And The Bunnymen or Julian Cope's Teardrop Explodes, The Church have carved out a hard won place in the atmospheric, neo-psychedelic niche of modern rock. They formed in 1980, have released over a dozen albums and are still an active presence in the studio and on tour, where their unique sound continues to draw a large crowd. Gathered here are the highlights of that activity, from the catchy jangly pop sounds of The Unguarded Moment to the haunting beauty of Under The Milky Way. Can we hear an Amen?

In Stores September 28,1999

1 The Unguarded Moment
2 Too Fast For You
3 Tear It All Away
4 Almost With You
5 When You Were Mine
6 Electric Lash
7 A Month Of Sundays
8 Shadow Cabinet
9 Myrrh
10 Tantalized
11 Under The Milky Way
12 Reptile
13 Metropolis
14 You're Still Beautiful
15 Ripple
16 Feel
17 Two Places At Once

Steve Kilbey is less than impressed with this release.

June 3rd
Bag of Bones, the long-hoped for live Church album, has been cancelled again. Tim Powles wrote to tell me that the band are extremely happy about the decision, so there must've been something pretty wrong with it. More info on this as it comes to hand...

April 29th
Artwork is flooding in and it looks really good ! Tim says there's about 3 or 4 weeks left to send your work in, so don't delay. I asked him whether the band were recording an original album as well as the covers album, and he said "yes" ! It will be recorded in June for a Feb 2000 release. The live album now has a name: Bag of Bones.

Here is the track list for the covers album. I'm not sure what has happened to the two remaining Hologram of Baal tracks. I wonder if "Ritz" will be the same version left off the re-release Magician Among The Spirits ?

1- Cortez (N.Young)
2- Life's A Gas (Bolan)
3- Friction (Television)
4- Silver machine (Hawkwind)
5- All The Young Dudes (Mott)
6- Don't Fear The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult)
7- RITZ!! (Cockney Rebel)
8- Venus In Furs (Velvets)
9- In Every Dreamhome A Heartache (RoxyMusic)
10- Its All Too Much (GeorgeHarrison)
11- Desdemona (T-Rex)
12- The Porpoise Song ( The Monkeys)

April 22nd
The upcoming "cover" CD with 4 tracks (Silver Machine, All The Young Dudes and two remaining Hologram of Baal songs) now has a name - "Box of Birds" but has no artwork. Tim says

now inviting ANYONE on fan-network to submit artwork, not at all title -specific, asap, deadline approaching, all international entries accepted, via Brian S, please announce brian asap, no payment to be made, credos alone will reward the intrepid artsman/woman........

So there's no money in it, but your name will be on a Real Church Thing :) Please email me jpeg files (SMALL files please, under 200K, no massive, uncompressed files that take ages to download) of your ideas. I *think* that for CD artwork, the final piece needs to be around 2000 X 2000 pixels, but perhaps someone with more experience can clear me up on this matter ? I intend posting all submissions on the site unless the artist asks me not to.

March 24th
The previous plan for a show in Spain has been cancelled. There will be no shows prior to the recording of the new album, which is now planned for Sweden. The band will be writing in London starting around May 15th for about a week, then for four weeks in Sweden. They might do a couple of shows while writing to test out the new material. The band plan to tour the USA to support the upcoming live CD (to be released on Cooking Vinyl). The CD may include the best material from New York and Sydney.

Presumably that means they recorded the New York show during the Hologram of Baal tour.

January 25th
The Church will record another album later this year in Ireland (or Sweden), possibly do some shows in England and hope to tour the United States in August. Their next release will be a four track CD with the songs listed in the Dec. 10th posting below.

December 10th 1998
This was posted to Seance by Craigie I spoke to SK on Saturday last (5th Dec 98) cos he was back @ home (back Stockholm anyway) and fancied a chat. He's in a much better mood these days, due to the warm reception and generally good reviews that HOB has received, the enthusiastic crowds on the tour and other stuff.

Anyway, Steve tells me that they have finished the recordings for the next (fanclub?) release. The songs are: "Silver Machine", "All The Young Dudes" and the remaining two HOB outtakes, "Plutonium Bomb(I think...) and "Raga".

November 10th 1998
The Church will record a special CD for members of the Seance mailing list (and presumably visitors to Shadow Cabinet !) consisting of the Hawkwind song "Silver Machine", which they've been playing in their live encores, and another song, which will also be a cover. Marty confirmed this will be done, though I suspect it might have *already* been done, since the band were in Sydney before coming to Melbourne and their studio is in Sydney.

The video for Louisiana has been completed and Tim told me he'd like to make it available only through Shadow Cabinet ! Hopefully it will get airplay too, but for the moment you will only be able to see it here ! More news as it becomes available...

The European leg of the Hologram of Baal tour is due to start next week, but the band are waiting on a revised tour schedule to be prepared. Read the bottom of this page for more information.

July 29th 1998
I've been given confirmation of one of the many dates on the upcoming tour of the USA. The event is called Doheny Days Music Festival, and The Church will be playing on Sept. 19. Twenty bands will perform over two days, and other confirmed acts will be Son Volt and Dishwalla. Potential acts will be Chris Isaak, Tonic, Seven Mary Three, Berlin and more to be announced.

Between them Tim and Marty have mentioned the following US cities, though it could all change anytime: Boston, Orange County, New York, San Diego, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle , Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, Atlanta, Cleveland (rockn'roll hall of fame), Minneapolis.

Apparently the second acoustic show that Steve and Marty are doing at the Borderline in London is dependent on tickets for the first one selling well. So don't hang about - buy your tickets soon ! The shows will be on September 11th and 12th.

July 22nd 1998
Trevor Boyd passed on the following information about tour dates.

The waiting is over. The first Church electric tour of the USA since 1990 is virtually finalised. It will start around the 18th September 1998. Dates are still being confirmed. Tim and Pete will probably arrive a couple of days before Steve and Marty. They will have 5 days rehearsals in the States in preparation for the Tour. After the US Tour the band move on to the Australian Tour followed by a Tour of Scandinavia, Germany and possibly Spain and (hopefully) a London show.

July 14th 1998
Kevin Keohane sent me this update on the coming tour and album launch. Marty Willson-Piper gave him this information and added that it is all tentative and could change next week.

Acoustic shows with Steve at The Borderline - London - Fri/Sat 11/12 September

USA - Steve & Marty late September and early October - acoustic promo in US

Australia tour October-November
Europe Tour November-December
USA maybe early 1999?

Europe: Release 7 September
USA: Release 22 September

May 10th 1998
A deal for the new album has *nearly* been signed with Cooking Vinyl and it will be distributed in Australia by Festival. Steve said it would be out in "a couple of months". I asked about any final touches on the editing or mixing and he said they're going to re-edit Louisiana slightly and that's it.

Tim said that the release of a fifty minute jam session as a bonus disc with the album is quite likely but it has yet to be mastered.

The "Under The Milky Way" single has been re-released in Australia. I'm not sure if its happening overseas too, but you should be able to find it pretty easily.

January 14th 1998
Steve and Marty are performing throughout Ireland this month as an acoustic duo. Andy Voyez has sent me a list of tour dates as sent to him by the tour's promoter. Thanks Andy !

Date / Venue / Town

January 13th 1998
Another Irish tour date ! "Triskel's" in Cork will be their venue on January 21st. Marty Deveney offers some advice for those making the trip to Dublin for their gig on the 17th.

There is a place on Lower Gardner St. in Dublin called "Globetrotters International" 10 punts a night (maybe a little more now), clean dorm style accomodation, killer all-you-can-eat breakfast (important when you're only other meal is a nightly imbibing session). I highly recommend it simply because I once stayed in just about all those hostels and it is BY FAR the best (probably the best I stayed in ANYWHERE).

Anyone who likes beer and goes to Dublin simply MUST visit the Guinness hop store- the best stout anywhere in the world IMHO.

December 26th 1997
Steve and Marty will perform as an acoustic duo in Dublin on January 17th 1998 at Whelan's. Other Irish tour dates might be announced later.

December 2nd 1997
Marty says he and Steve might be doing some acoustic gigs in Ireland. Looking at his current producing commitments and work on the new album he thinks they'll be between January 15th and January 29th. More updates as they come to hand...

He also said the live video will not be released. "Can't capture the magic on celluloid" were his words. I urged him to make sure the tapes didn't get lost or destroyed as they might change their mind in a few years time. The audio tapes recorded for the live album still haven't been heard by the band, plus nobody has the time to listen to them right now. Keep waiting and fingers crossed...

November 4th 1997
The Church are currently in the studio (Karmic Hit) in Sydney, working on the next album. They have also recorded a live album and their final Sydney concert was professionally filmed, presumably for potential video release or airing on TV somewhere, but that's just me guessing. Neither the album nor the video are guaranteed to happen as the band have not had a chance to view/hear the tapes of either one.

October 4th 1997
Belatedly, I've created a page about the imminent breakup of The Church, which Steve Kilbey has been announcing in the media for the last few weeks. The upcoming Australian tour and new album will be the last.

The upcoming tour will be professionally recorded for a possible live album...last chance to make it !

23rd September 1997
Marty says....

The Church deal is still being talked about and our manager Brian Hallin has a couple of other interested parties apart from Demon.Fingers crossed.

14th September 1997
I've been told that two Church albums, The Blurred Crusade and Starfish, have been named in Rolling Stone's top 100 Australian albums. The list was not "in order", so I'm assuming they're numbers 1 and 2 :-)

The band are preparing for a short tour of Australia (Sydney on Oct 17th and Melbourne on October 24th (tickets can be bought online) and then it's off to England to record a new album on the Demon label.

3rd July 1997
It looks like the rumoured concerts in England will not happen after all. Andrew Walker met Peter Koppes a few days ago in Bondi and Peter said "its just not financially viable for them to do shows there". In better news though, they probably will do more shows in....wait for it...Australia ! "Privilege on privilege" for us Aussies, but I'm sure that non-Australian fans are *so* tired of hearing about Australia-only tours :-)

1st June 1997
>From Matt, who spoke to Steve at his solo Sydney concert...
SK said after Melbourne he's off to Sweden, then to England to record a new Church album before the end of the year. They'll be signing with Demon Records & the album won't be recorded at Marty's but a "big studio in Sussex".