The Church To Disband ?

October 16th 1997
The Church are not breaking up ! I spoke to Marty Willson-Piper this afternoon and he confirmed that after the current tour and next album they will do what they have always done...wait till they do the next one. Steve and Marty spoke about this during their appearance on the JFiles.

October 14th 1997
The two extra Sydney shows that have been added to the current tour are being billed as "the final Sydney shows for 1997". An optimistic interpretation of this is that (a) There will be more shows in 1998, or (b) possibly more shows this year outside Sydney. I reckon the second is unlikely, but that fact that they were not billed as "...the final shows ever..." could mean that the band have changed their mind about this breakup. One can only hope...

October 4th 1997
Anthony Horan recently sent me this message

I did an interview with Steve when I was in Sydney the other week, which should run in InPress around the time of the gig.

Steve said repeatedly that these shows will probably be the last time The Church play live, and that the next album would be the last as "we want to go out on a high note".

I reminded Steve that every time I've talked to him, he's said the upcoming tour/album is the last! He responded "Well, I really mean it this time". I told him he has said that before too. He responded "well, you never know about these things, but it'd be a bit harder to do now that I'm not going to be living in Australia."

This time does appear, though, to be pretty final. Other Church-connected people have told me as well that this album and tour will be the last.
Steve refused to rule out the possibility of further Church recordings down the track.

In case you'd missed the news, Steve is moving to Sweden to be with his family, hence his comment about not being in Australia any more. Since I'm an eternal optimist my own opinion is that there's a good chance Steve and Marty will work together because they're both living in Europe. I don't know if there's any reason for them to actively avoid working together - Steve's final comment lends weight to that. Where this leaves Tim and Peter is anyone's guess though...

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