Current Activities of The Church and Ex-Members

"The rumours you started were partially true
You should be very proud
How will you feel when they catch up with you
You're standing face to face with the jeering crowd"
The Church - "You Got Off Light"

If you've got more recent news than what's here, don't keep it to yourself ! Tell me and I'll put it here.

What's Happening With...

This is the old news section....for historical reasons only :-)

17th January 96
Woohoo ! Bruce Butler, the band's manager, tells me that Snow Job is coming out on February 12th, on Karmic Hit through Mushroom Distribution Services and they're starting a national tour in Melbourne on March 2nd and 3rd.

12th January 96
Steve has a new release on the way ! Narcosis Plus will contain the original tracks from the much-sought-after Narcosis EP and six more tracks recorded at the same time

9th January 95
Looks like those shows didn't happen - or I wasn't paying attention :) Richard Powell heard that...

> Unfortunately Jack Frost's record label's publicity is just a little ahead
> of their production. Apparently they have had some problems in getting stock
> out but now tell us Snow Job will be available in early February.

16th November
David Patterson wrote:
According to Beat magazine (Melbourne) today, Jack Frost will play some shows in Australia to support the album Snow Job in December. Anyone with more details please forward them to the list. Also, Mr. McLennan plays the Prince Patrick Hotel in Melbourne 24 November.

October 14th
[8th Sep 1996: Kip McClanahan asked Paul about this and he said there are no plans to work together. Another rumour bites the dust]
Heard this through a friend who half-heard it on the radio (3JJJ FM). Steve is working / will work / might work with Paul Kelly. He didn't hear what their respective roles would be, i.e. producer/singer/both singing.

October 13th
And who said Friday 13th was an unlucky day ?! Zoe Cox has written to me again confirming that the new Church album is finished and will be released in the first quarter of next year. Apparently "grunge" describes it quite well.

September 23rd
Steve says the new album is sounding "quite good" and that the new Jack Frost album will be released on the Mushroom label in November/December

August 14th
Zoe confirmed that Steve and Marty are going straight into the studio "within 24 hours" of the current tour ending. The reason was quite interesting: Marty's work permit only lasts three months, so by early October he has to be out of here !

July 28th
Steve gave me lots of information about the new albums we're waiting for; all the news was bad. Snow Job, the second Jack Frost album is delayed indefinitely. Steve was noncommital about its future; the general feeling I got from his comments was that there was no strong impetus to try and get it out.
There are no definite plans to enter the studio with Marty to begin the next Church album. My impression was that the lack of record company support on any of these projects put a serious damper on things.

July 1995
D.Allen says....
Steve has just finished producing an LP of Kev Carmody called "Images & Illusions" . Steve allegedly plays and has co-written released in August on Festival in Australia. Snow Job is due August/September now as there have been contractual differences but should appear on Beggars Banquet which with luck may be The Church's new label if Mushroom don't muck it up.

Marty Willson-Piper

October 13th 1995
Zoe has sent more information on the state of two collaborations. Julianne Regan's album will be released in January '96 and the advance promo copies are getting good reviews.

Never Swallow Stars (another group which Marty is in) have a deal with Border Music in Sweden which ensures a wide European release for their album.

August 28th
Zoe Cox, who is Marty's fiancé has kindly sent me a stack of information about the current status of Marty's various projects.

Hanging Out In Heaven is currently being mixed by Shep Lonsdale in Los Angeles and a progress tape should be delivered this week. It hasn't been shown to any record companies yet and has been completely self-financed. Marty and Shep had complete creative control over it, so the results should be worth waiting for.
Never Swallow Stars is being looked at by a Swedish record company called Border Records. Look for a release by Christmas (or "Crimble" as Zoe called it !) Julianne Regan's solo album is going to be released in England soon, on Permanent Records. Marty, Andy and Mark all played on it and co-wrote one of the songs.
Other writing includes fifteen "wicked" songs with Brix E Smith from The Fall, a couple of songs with ex-Bangle Susanna Hoffs and two co-writes for Linda Perry's (4 Non Blondes) solo album.

July 28th 1995
Marty's new album will be called Hanging Out In Heaven, but, as with Steve, the lack of a record company is delaying progress. Marty told me it hadn't yet been mixed.

On a more cheerful note, Marty will be marrying soon ! His fiance, Zoe, is as charming and pretty a woman as you could ever hope to meet and I wish them both every happiness on behalf of all your fans and friends.
Zoe Cox is English and works/worked (?) at MCA records. She met Marty via his work with All About Eve. I don't know much else about her except that she reads "New Scientist" and "National Geographic" magazines ! Her favourite Church song is Reptile and favourite album is Starfish. But she's still getting into the back catalogue.

Richard Ploog

12th September 1995
Richard is living a quiet life now. He's got a full-time day job and has given up drumming :(

12th August 1995
Richard was seen in a market in Sydney, but my friend was busy with a customer and couldn't chat. But at least he's alive and well and in Sydney :)

10th July 1995
Paul Webb says:
After leaving the Church, Richard joined the Deadly Hume, and this may have been who he was playing with. The Deadly Hume also includes(d) Marc Scully (Ratcat), Ron Hadley (Salamander Jim, Lubricated Goat) and Greg Perano (Hunters & Collectors). Richard played with them on the 1990 7" "The Hokey Pokey"/"After Hours" (Phantom PH-36B, PH-39G), which was their 4th release.
Brett Dicks adds:
After leaving the Hume, Ploog joined Bell Jar.

June 1995
My cousin (Hi Mark !) had a drink with Richard at the Fox & Hounds pub in Melbourne around mid '94. He was playing with a band whose name eludes me, and that's the last I've heard of Richard.

Peter Koppes

January 12th 1995
Peter has a new album ! I've been a little slow in getting information on Water Rites but the Seance opinion is that this is a Must Have ! July 28th 1995
Peter Koppes is definitely not re-joining The Church. I was asked not to voice the rumour here, so I kept it quiet. But since other places are confirming that he isn't coming back, it's probably safe to put it here too.

July 1995
D.Allen from the UK seems to be incredibly well informed ! He says....

Peter has been working with a variety of people:
Starman - Reggae artist who is a bit unreliable but the results are worth the hassle !!!
Chris Gilbey - who is now A + R at BMG.
Rick Grossman - Who used to be in the Divinyls and Hoodoo Guru's.
Richard Ploog - as Peter and The Well

These projects have so far produced 3 albums in demo state. The Well has an album in the can which is where Iridesence came from but it took over a year to mix ??? All of these are as yet unreleased as Peter is unsure whether the world want's to know !! I say we do but Peter will continue to search for a Record Company he is happy to deal with.The Well LP is provisionally called "Wateries".

June 1995 Since leaving The Church Peter has worked with Steve and Richard. Richard played drums on the Iridesence single that Peter released. Peter played guitar on one track on the Bohemia album that Steve produced for Mae Moore, and also on one of the songs on Margot Smith's excellent Sleeping With The Lion. The only other news I have is that he and Richard have sold some prime Church artifacts including their gold record for Blurred Crusade, the acetate pressing of Heyday and the paisley shirts worn on the Heyday album cover. Actually, it was two members of the Seance list that bought them ! A picture is coming soon.

Jay-Dee Daugherty

13th September 1995
Brian Turner reports that Jay Dee played with Patti Smith at the Lollapalooza Festival in New York on July 28 & 29. Patti Smith is in the recording studio working on a new album, and it is reported that JDD will be playing drums on that album...

Nick Ward

For those who don't already know, Nick Ward played drums on Of Skins And Heart. Does anyone know where he's been since 1981 ?

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