"Who You Tryin' To Get In Touch With ?"

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Steve has given me an address through which fans can write to him. This address is a few years old now and I'm not sure if he still lives there.

Steve Kilbey
Bastugatan 57, I
SE-118 25 STOCKHOLM Sweden

The Church are once again self-managed. If you'd like to send official management-type enquiry, please send it to me and I'll forward it on to the band.

Tim Powles and Peter Koppes are online and I can forward emails to them on your behalf.

Marty Willson-Piper has his own website with a contact address on it.

Does anyone know an address for ex-members of the Church ? Richard, Jay Dee and Nick all have their die-hard fans too ! Write to me if you have any information to share.

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