Autographs by Church Members

A recent discussion on the Seance mailing list led me to create this page. Someone paid a lot of money for a copy of a Church album that had been signed by all the members of the band and wasn't sure if they were authentic. So here's a sample of Peter, Steve and Marty's autographs (I'm afraid I never met Richard). Any handwriting analysts wanna take a shot at these ?

There is also a picture from the Starfish tab book that Marty and Peter signed for me.

Steve Kilbey

Steve oftens signs letters as "S.K" or "Kilbey"

Marty Willson-Piper

In all the items he signed for me Marty always put "Love" into it. What a nice guy :-)

Peter Koppes

I scanned this from the inside of the Arista release of Heyday. Notice the totally white background....there's NOTHING printed in there ! Couldn't they think of anything to say about Heyday ?!

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