We can forgive a man
for making a useful thing as long
as he does not admire it. The only
excuse for making a useless thing
is that one admires it intensely.
All art is quite useless.

And who are we to argue with Oscar P. Wildebeeste ? Here is a selection of useless pictures, created by taking one or more of the pictures from this site and bashing it about with a paint package such as Paint Shop Pro.

If you'd like to send me some pictures you've created I'd be happy to put them here. I'm especially looking for images which have your face in the picture ! "Yes, I was the fifth member of The Church and here's a picture to prove it !" Or you could have a go at designing an cover for the next album. Steve does read these pages, so he'll see your work for sure.

March 27th 1998
Dustin Eric Gilbert has created a nice landscape for Steve to glow and snooze on.

3rd November 1997
I like cool desktop pictures so I've taken a couple of mine and turned into something that I hope you'll like too. There's one of Peter and a couple of Marty (Picture 1) (Picture 2). To use them simply follow the link and use your browser's "Set As Wallpaper" command. You can right-click on the image and pick the command off the menu that pops up.

15th July 1997
Joe has made another cool picture based on Travel By Thought, from the Seance album. Recently Joe was also approached (I hope it's OK to mention it here) to allow one of his images to be used on an album cover ! Not a Church album, but it's still mighty impressive !

4th March 1997
Joe Burns has created a great visual for the song Dome from the Priest=Aura album.

Sometime in 1995...
Cathy Weise is my finest (and only !) protegé to date. She started learning about image manipulation when I first made my pictures available through this page. Now she's rushed out and bought pen tablets, more software, freely talks about "image masking" in polite conversation, and wants a 17 inch monitor ! Not bad for just a few months interest. Besides the following pictures, she's also done a couple of backgrounds for Shadow Cabinet.

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