Church Related Anagrams

What can I say but "I was bored !". I found a WWW page which generates anagrams for you, so I fed it every Churchy thing I could think to see what would happen. Here are the results, or you might like to generate your own.

Steve Kilbey
Silky bet, Eve / Evil Sky Beet / Key Best Live / Elk Beset Ivy

Willson-Piper (Full name too long for software !)
Spew Iron Pill / Wilson Ripple / Will Pro Penis / Sir Low Nipple / Worn Pepsi Ill

Peter Koppes
Seek pert Pop

Richard Ploog
Graphic Drool / Log Porch Raid / Gold Choir Rap / Crop gold hair / Girlhood Crap / Droop Gal Rich

Now for the seriously HUGE lists, you have to feed it album names.

Sometime Anywhere
Yow ! Immense Heater / Ahoy, wise meter men / Ahoy meet new miser / Soma ? They were mine ! / They wearisome men / Awe ? Immense Theory. / She meet airy women / Some airy new theme / Home, steamy weiner

Remote Luxury
Telex your rum / Our True Xylem / Luxury Meteor

Of Skins and Heart (My PC died after about 2 500 anagrams came through !)
Strife Sank Honda
Starfish ? Dank one...
Soft Danish Karen
Shift Ken and soar
Odin stank afresh
Afro stank his den
His raft done sank !
Krishna often sad
Radish often sank
Ask ninth red sofa
Hot Kansas friend
Ski hat and Fresno
His sad Freon tank
Not freakish sand
This freak and son
"Honest" said Frank
This and forsaken
Sand hat foreskin
Ken Ford, his Satan
Ask for thin sedan
Sand ant for Sheik
Shed ink for Satan
Knead ass for thin
Fit shark and nose
Ken had sonar fist
Fist naked Sharon
Fish drank, son ate
Soak fish, darn net
Fish tank, dear son
Honda sneak first
Fink stand ashore
The sad arson fink
Find other Kansas
Find Kosher Satan
Find Kosher Santa
Ask, find then soar

Blurred Crusade 761 generated
Absurd Red Ulcer / Surreal Bed Crud / Sacred Rude Blur / Scrub rural deed / Curse dud barrel / Clear sub rudder

Seance Can See !
Heyday Hay Dye
Hindsight Dish thing
Starfish Raft hiss / Fart Hiss

Gold Afternoon Fix
Relax onto fond fig / Oxford Elfin Tango / Draft Nixon ! Foe: Log / Rot Nixon. Golf fade / Good Nixon, far left / Fat Nixon, ogle Ford / Nixon gaff: red tool / Nixon off, God later / Nixon - Log tradeoff / Next flood for gain / Groan next idol off / Offload groin next / Fat oxen for old gin / Gino fond for latex / Don latex off groin / Flog Texan for Odin / For Texan Gin Flood / Tax ? Find floor gone ! / Gild Afternoon Fox

Priest = Aura
Is A Rapture / Erupt a sari / Pius Errata / Raise Up Art / Supra Irate / Reap as I rut / Art era is up / I purr at sea / Purr as I eat / I As Pure Art / USA: Ripe Art

Heard Tune / Date Nehru / Had Neuter / Tea He'd Urn / He ran duet / He Art Nude

Spirit Level (This is particularly revealing ! :) )
I'll Rip Steve / I'll Strip Eve / Slept virile / Triple Levis / Vile pelt, Sir

From The Well
Left helm ? Row ! / Who'll fret ? Me. / Wet from Hell

Water Rites
Stir wee art / We arrest it

As for songs.....we could be here for a very long time. I'll leave these to you, but I've done a couple. If you'd like to run a couple of song titles through one of the anagram generators and send me the funniest ones, that'd be cool.

Smile troop / Simple root / Romp to isle / Pot or slime ? / Permit solo / Slop to mire / Or mole spit / I smelt poor / Me trip Oslo / Poem or list / Some lip rot / I loot sperm

Day of the Dead
A daddy:the foe / Oh, a deaf teddy / Do he defy Data ? / Ahead of teddy / Defeat odd hay / He'd fade today / Odd Hat Day fee

Shadow Cabinet 8325 anagrams !
Snob ace had wit / Wit had one scab / Obtain wed cash / The nob was acid / Saw cat, hide nob / Waco death nibs / The Nabisco Wad / Web Icon had sat / Web aid can host / Swab had notice / Swab thine coda / Wah ! Casino debt ! / Dab into cashew / Casbah won't die / Casbah town die / Two shade cabin / She won't aid cab / Edison: "What cab ?" / Sad Bowie chant / Chide Botswana / Bach ? Swine ! Toad ! / Edith was bacon / Into bad cashew / Bad cow hit Sean / Bad "wah" section / Whoa ! Bad insect / Bad waist, Cohen / His two ace band / Band was ice hot / Bandit owe cash / Banish wet coda / Cow death basin / Basic wet Honda / Sat behind Waco / How can East bid ? / Bison chew data / Can shadow bite ?

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