5 Days In A Photon Belt


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Discography Information

1993 5 Days in a Photon Belt

No personnel information given in sleeve, but according to Steve Kilbey at least these three are involved.
Russell Kilbey
John Kilbey
Boris Goudenof

5:22 5 Days
3:25 That Sunset Was Intense
4:03 Not Gonna Board That Plane
3:23 It's Happening Now
4:10 The Sky Has Fallen
4:26 Under The Blankets
4:00 Hundreds & Thousands
1:24 Timing Was Wrong
3:38 Hurricane Lamp
4:04 Null Zone
8:01 The Atmospherian
3:53 The Sixth Day

CD Karmic Hit/PolyGram ID00192 (Australia)

Sound Bytes

It's Happening Now
Hurricane Lamp
Not Gonna Board That Plane
The Sixth Day

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Other Notes

Russell Kilbey said that this album did very well in Japan. It raised more interest (and sales !) in just a few weeks over there than it did in months in Australia.

The album title is based on a 'Doomsday Prediction' made by a South Korean cult in the early Nineties. They claimed the Earth would pass through a "Photon Belt" for five days, causing all sort of weird and self-contradictory things to happen. Look for more of these wackos as the millenium approaches.

Russell told me that in a review he read, the reviewer made some disparaging comments about the the claims of disaster - he thought that whoever recorded the album actually believed this Doomsday Event would occur !

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