Vast Halos


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Discography Information

1994 Vast Halos


Donnette Thayer - organic sounds
Steve Kilbey - electrical impulse control
Jim McGrath - pounding, shaking and apple eating


Monarch 3:23
Shelter 4:42
March 5:26
Centaur 2:26
Antelope 6:00
Hollywood in Winter 5:12
Orpheus Circuit 3:40
Aquamarine 4:44
Hell 4:04
Vast Halos 4:09

All songs by Steve Kilbey & Donnette Thayer

CD Rykodisc RCD 10186 USA

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Other Notes

The lyrics are printed in the album, but it's printed as one long continuous stream of text. There are no indications as to when one song ends and the next begins and no line breaks either. Kilbey, you old bedevilling word-meister ;-)
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