tyg's in space

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Tim Powles

With Chris Campbell
tyg's in space Back cover

Stills from the shooting of the videos for "Fish" and "Spaceman". Photos by Julia Ferrero

January 8th
Now taking pre-orders !!: The album will officially be released in February, but you can pre-order from Phantom Records (TheGoodFolks@phantom.com.au) or Greg's Music World (from whom I get a small commission, so please tell Greg you came through Shadow Cabinet ! :) ).

Phantom Mail Order
PO Box A1437
Sydney Sth NSW 1235

or phone on

+61 2 9283 8250

(include visa/master card details, money order or cheque)

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"Essentially it is a record I can never make again, as it was honestly made with no serious intention, just to see if I could do it, and it has surpassed my expectations."

the spaceman T.P.

Track List

  1. spaceman
  2. canman
  3. three
  4. fish
  5. impossible
  6. comet
  7. super
  8. suffer
  9. departed
  10. bhuddist
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What's It Like ?

Is Tim Powles a Renaissance musician for the 90's ? He produced, engineered, wrote, mixed, sang and played most of the work on this album. There's a lot of good melodies, sophisticated arranging and writing, and the lyrics are cool. Also, the drumming is excellent, as you'd expect :) !

Sound Bytes

As usual these samples are in Real Audio format.

fish - "There's good fish and bad fish and dead fish and bones / But I'm something special for you to take home."
comet - This is my favourite song so far !

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