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Turkeyneck Lasso

This album is the first release from Russell Kilbey's new band. Inspired by Pete Dexter's novel Deadwood, it has an Old American West theme running throughout. Sounding like the soundtrack to a hard-edged Western flick it has proved a hit around the office of this reviewer :-)

Discography Info

Number: ID0049-2
Label Karmic Hit...and "ID" ? I'm not clear on this, but Karmic Hit definitely has something to do with it.


Russell Kilbey, Ed Clayton-Jones and Donald Baldie.

With Andrew Gordon, Paul Dunn and Kerry Simpson.

Track List

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  1. The Whore Wagon
  2. Days Turn Into Years
  3. Rolling Into Deadwood
  4. The Mercury Cure
  5. The Widower
  6. Bad Neighbour Hill
  7. My Fathers Gun
  8. Bills Last Hand
  9. Sweat Lodge
  10. Spanish Mission
  11. Idiot Half Brother
  12. Pink Gin


Anthony Horan spoke to Russell about the album for InPress magazine.

Sound Bytes (Real Audio 2.0)

My Father's Gun - This is the whole song...I couldn't bring myself to hit the "Stop" button. This is not be used for any commercial purposes or to be rebroadcast. Play nice and don't get me into trouble :-) ... enjoy the music and buy the album !

Days Into Years

Comments ?

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From: Blatherbop@aol.com
Subject: turkey redneck lasso

It is an INTERESTING recording. i've always been a fan of the early Clint Eastwood "drifter" movies and this album could shelf nicely between the "High Plains Drifter" soundtrack and the movie music to "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly". it is twangy and atmospheric and swathed in tumbling tumbleweeds. Yee Ha!

Mike says

So far, Turkeyneck Lasso is really doing it for me. A short album, but a lot of fun. I can't wait to drive down to southern California this summer! I'll be running through Joshua Tree. Oh yeah!

[other stuff snipped out...]

But everyone who loves noodley Western music MUST get Turkeyneck Lasso!

Other Notes

You can email Russell Kilbey , who describes his latest musical venture as "having a budget of 52 cents". :-) Unfortunately this email seems to be down; all my emails to Russell have bounced for the last couple of months (as of May 1997).

The Australian TV show Good Guys, Bad Guys has reportedly (thanks Albert and Michael !) used The Whore Wagon quite frequently as the show goes to ad breaks.

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