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Label : Karmic Hit
Serial : KH003

  1. Jack Frost Blues
  2. Aviatrix
  3. Running From The Body
  4. Shakedown
  5. You Don't Know
  6. Weightless And Wild
  7. Pony Express
  8. Cousin / Angel
  9. Little Song
  10. Empire
  11. Angela Carter
  12. Haze
  13. Dry Dock



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Cousin / Angel
Jack Frost Blues A coolly sinister song about (I think) trying to make a movie under weird circumstances.
Running From The Body - Grant introduced this song about a serial killer by saying they recorded it before the spate of Hollywood movies on the subject.

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sgmstyle.jpg - 7.0 K

Karl Reinsch did some literary research ...

Well, there was some discussion on this topic earlier this year, but no one seemed certain if the song on "Snow Job" was really about the author Angela Carter (1940-1992). (Yes, I searched what archives Shadow Cabinet has which meant downloading, unzipping, grepping, etc.)

Based on information at: I submit that the song is most certainly about the author.

What follows is some relevant lyrics and her books that they probably make reference to:

"Tiny little toyshop, playing with fireworks"
_The_Magic_Toyshop_ (1967) London: Virago, 1967.
_Fireworks:_Nine_Profane_Pieces_ (1974) London: Quartet, 1974; New York:
Harper & Roe, 1981; New York, Penguin, 1987.

"Nights at the circus, an army of lovers"
_Nights_at_the_Circus_ (1985) London: Chatto & Windus, 1984; New York: Viking, 1985; New York: Penguin, 1986.

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