The Slow Crack


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Discography Information

1987 The Slow Crack

Written, played, engineered & produced by Steve Kilbey

Special Guest Stars

Donnette Thayer - Swan guitar on 'Transaction' (Steve was the producer, among other things, on the albums Hex and Vast Haloes)
Jason Bruer - saxophone on 'Fireman'
Paul Simmons - mandolin on 'Fireman'
K.J. Dipper - backing vox on 'Fireman' & 'Like a Ghost'
Phil Maher - banjo on 'Woman with Reason'

'Transaction' by SK / K. Jansson
'Woman with Reason' by Smith/Smith
'Ariel Sings' by SK / B. Shakespeare
Lyrics from 'Song of Solomon' from the Bible (courtesy of God)


4:18 Transaction*
4:42 Fireman
4:00 Woman with Reason
4:00 A Favorite Pack of Lies
4:12 Something That Means Something
4:36 Consider Yourself Conquered*
4:39 Like A Ghost*
1:36 Ariel Sings
3:53 A Minute Without You
5:19 Surrealist Woman Blues
2:30 Song of Solomon*
1:54 Starling St.

* not on LP RED 15

LP Red Eye RED 15 (Australia)
LP Rough Trade ROUGH US 70 (USA)
CD Polydor/Red Eye Records 843 884-2 (Australia)
CD Rough Trade ROUGH US 70 CD (USA)

Sound Bytes

Key Interviews

Toby Creswell spoke to Steve Kilbey about the album just before its release.

Singles Released



7-inch Red Eye RED 14 (Australia) Red Vinyl

1987 Fire Down Below EP

Woman With Reason
Ariel Sings
A Minute Without You
Surrealist Woman Blues

12-inch Red Eye RED 15 (Australia)


No Such Thing

7-inch Red Eye RED SP20 (Australia)


Consider Yourself Conquered
Like A Ghost
Song of Solomon

12-inch Red Eye RED 19 (Australia)

1989 Starling St.

7-inch Flexi Disk 103494-1ABS (USA)
Free with issue no. 32 of Bucketfull of Brains

Other Material Released

Other Notes

The album title comes from a phrase a builder used when describing a problem with Steve's house. The back half was sinking causing a "slow crack" to appear in the house itself.
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