Steve Kilbey - Unreleased Demos

This tape was available in the early nineties (?). Steve was kind enough to provide it to a friend of mine, and I think about 100 copies were made.

Steve has said "feel free to copy and distribute" so here we are. The quality is fairly good though there are a few glitches here and there.
Tracks 1 to 13 taken from a tape that Steve sent me, probably recorded before Of Skins And Heart
Tracks 14 to 26 taken from a demo tape unearthed by Karl Taylor, probably recorded in the mid 80s
Track 27 is an unreleased demo by The Church

  1. Inkling
  2. Let's Experiment
  3. A Doll Inside A Doll
  4. Another Inkling
  5. Estranged
  6. Electrical Disturbance
  7. Mourn The Born
  8. When I Come Back Again
  9. For A Moment We're Strangers
  10. Insect World
  11. Statue Garden
  12. Sand + Snow
  13. The Scene Is Real
  14. Untitled
  15. Untitled
  16. You're My Idea (Hear a sample)
  17. My Abstract Model (Hear a sample)
  18. Untitled
  19. Untitled
  20. Untitled
  21. Untitled
  22. Untitled
  23. Untitled
  24. Untitled
  25. Untitled Instrumental
  26. Untitled Instrumental
  27. Warm Oily Voices (The Church) (Hear a sample)

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