Sing Songs

Sing Songs album cover - 10K
Sing Songs was originally recorded as a demo for a record company but the record company actually released it (see interview with Richard). Three of the tracks have been released elsewhere but two are still trapped on vinyl-only EP.

Discography Information

1982    Sing-Songs

          Steven Kilbey (Vocals, Bass, Bells and Keyboards)

          Peter Koppes (Lead, Slide Guitar, Vocals)

          Marty Willson-Piper (6+12 string Guitar, Vocals)

          Richard Ploog (Drums)

  12" EMI Parlophone BUG 2 (Australia)

  12" Stunn ABS 100 (New Zealand)

  12" Carrere CHURCH 5 (UK)

  Cass Stunn TC-ABS100 (New Zealand)

Singles Released

1982    I Am A Rock

        A Different Man

  7" Stunn BFA 870 (New Zealand)

1982    A Different Man

        I Am A Rock

  7" Carrere CHURCH R5A (UK)

Sound Bytes

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