Seeing Stars

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19th May 1997
This band consists of Marty Willson-Piper, Andy Cousin and Mark Price. Marty is, of course, a member of The Church, while the other two are former members of All About Eve. This album was released in Europe (April 1997) and at the time of writing it is unclear when it will be released overseas. I'm told that Shock Records might distribute it in Australia. It's published by Border Music.

Track List

  1. SaLOmE
  2. I CaNT hATe YoU
  3. wHERE tHE raINSsTorm enDS
  4. stArING aT thE suN
  5. A DrInk TO DriFT
  6. ugLY aNd CruEL
  7. veNuS of pROSE
  8. CoME
  9. meSmERized
  10. peNdUlum

The track names are actually printed in that strange mixed-case style on the back of the album. Ten fan-points to anyone who can find meaning in there ! I've already tried and couldn't find a hidden message ! :-)


Border Music have two pictures of Marty on their site.

Liner Notes

Transcribed by Joseph Burns
Over the moon about tape recorders and music and words and songs. Drums, guitars, pianos, noise and accoustics, discord and harmony. Slowly, quickly... improvise first takes... jam the words and then in true ironic spirit take years to release it. Everything is a paradox. MWP from the Church. Andy and Mark from The Eves. Driving Miles out the city... miles into the country. Mark jumps the train before the bridge. Pastoral, dark, colourful and black and white... Wide awake all night... Fast asleep all day. Love it unconditionally, until it comes back better than before. Change it next time... keep it the same but treasure it because its yours. Let people hear it but don't run with it. No winning or losing anymore. No dumb talk like this. No angle, no fake cool, no cheap dinners. Try, pray for talent, be yourself. Don't kill yourself if you mess up. Trust your own ears. Swallow everything, spit out the bits you don't like. Focus all you have. The future is such a long time away and we're already unimpressed with it. And after all its just a bunch of songs on a piece of tape that had no idea they were going out and suddenly they're walking naked in public and have to make a speech across the silence. Dramatize it and die on your cross. Remain silent and the dinner guests begin to turn away. But as the feast turns to dust you spend your nights with your favourite friends. Your lover, your books, your children, your songs and the ones who never seem to forget you wherever you are. They just keep on showing up and that's how you know they are priceless. There is no sinister ulterior motive. And if there is I suppose you didnt get this far.


A general interview with Marty. He also talks about the next Church album.
Marty speaks to Zillo, a German magazine, about the recording process for this album, country life and his work with Julianne Regan.

Sound Bytes

Joseph Burns describes it as sounding like Marty's Spirit Level but with a full band behind it.

Daniel Gordon likes it:

Haven't heard much talk about the Seeing Stars disc. (I was off the list for about a week a few weeks ago, though)... I received it today in the mail and I am on my second listen. So far, I am really, really impressed. After MAS, N+, and Gilt Trip, it is kinda nice to hear something a bit "popish" and rockin' with good sing a' long lyrics. (Don't get me wrong, I love the last three records, especially N+). I think these songs are as good as any thing MWP has done before... Some of the songs rock, and some are bit sad...

Hopefully someone out there is listening and enjoying as well...


Where Do I Buy This ?

So far there's only one place that it can be ordered from (that I've heard of). Have a squiz at

Marty advises people to ...."contact Borderline, the record company directly.Telephone Number:46 31 190 800 Fax Number:46 31 192 370." Please note that's a Swedish phone number so you'll need to dial an international access code (in the US I believe it's 011) and *please* take note of the time differences from your part of the world.

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