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Discography Information

1990 Remindlessness

Played, engineered & produced by Steve Kilbey

Special Guest Stars:
Karin Jansson - vox on 'The Neverness Hoax','Vanishing Act'&'Danielle'
Isadora Telambi- all saxophones and voice on 'Some Lysergic Africa'
Peter Koppes- guitar on 'Danielle' & 'Soul Sample'
Violinda - violin on 'The Neverness Hoax','Liquid','Danielle'
'Life's Little Luxuries'&'The Celebration of the Birthday of the Elephant God'
Pryce Surplice - Programming on 'Liquid'&'Elephant God'

4:52 The Neverness Hoax
1:57 Vanishing Act
3:51 Life's Little Luxuries
5:32 She Counts Up the Days
5:31 The Amphibian
2:45 Random Pan
2:43 Pain In My Temples
7:34 Liquid
5:39 Goliath
4:03 Some Lysergic Africa
5:19 Gloriana
5:17 Danielle
0:43 Excerpt from 'Charlotte Bay PDE.'
1:16 Music From Commercial for 'Eternity Inc.'
3:56 No Such Thing
5:11 Soul Sample
9:34 Celebration of the Birthday of the Elephant God
3:19 Remindlessness

The songs 'Random Pan' & Pain in my Temples' were originally released
on the double LP and were left off of the CD release. They were released
on CD as "b-sides" to the 'No Such Thing' CDSingle.

2LP Red Eye RED LP 11 (Australia) CD Red Eye RED CD 11 (Australia)

Sound Bytes

Elephant God
Life's Little Luxuries

Here is a page of samples of rare songs, including 'Random Pan' & 'Pain in my Temples'.

Key Interviews

Singles Released

No Such Thing E.P.

4:24 Transaction
2:45 Random Pan
2:43 Pain In My Temples
3:56 No Such Thing

CD5 Red Eye Records RED CDEP 20 (Australia)

Other Material Released

Other Notes

"Violinda" is probably the same person (Linda Neil ?) who played violin on several tracks on Sometime Anywhere.

A poem by Steve was printed on the inner sleeve and has been sent in by Paul Stockman.

Remindlessness is a pure opportunity untranslated by the filters of memory expressed as a blank rather than a prevents us from remembering, back from the dead or newly is not amnesia or enables us to experience half-memory, super deja vu, the baby's faint recall like ripples in a pond which grow larger but less Isadora Telambi's saxophone miles away in reverb, just more like mist than glass, more like haze than fire, more like vapour than smoke, more like woman than man...avoids precision, is vague, hard to approach but easy to feel, is your former name on the tip of your that which haunts, fades and very sweet and very bitter, it cannot be tasted at first...does not appear, it present in darkness, in the total absence of sense, it is the mere template of the future that you already understand...both enhances and is enhanced by hypnotic in its pull, it is unusual in its omnipresence, it is an aphrodisiac for souls, it is the antidote for ordinariness... is the groove, the feel, the genuine, the strange, the mercurial, the unexplained...cannot be measured... it may be treasured (however its shadow can be measured and is sometimes referred to as a ghost) the daydream suddenly gone, but lingering like a distant voice on the the song not the singer... it will not add up or divide but it will be readily the way you imagined things would be but somehow aren' the rainbow from the storm of impressions... holds your hand in the face of death or great danger, the buffer to the cold sea of certainty... is the reason... in the music and in the silence after the music is gone...


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