The Refo:mation

Pharmakoi / Distance-Crunching Honchos With Echo Units


Album Status

18th August 1997
It's out ! Today is the official release date so whip out your flexible friend...that's your credit card...and start ordering.

Track List

  1. 1:07
  2. Don't Move
  3. Traitor
  4. She Comes In Singing
  5. All See It Now
  6. Trying To Get In
  7. Florian Trout
  8. 5:28
  9. Who Is The One ?
  10. Get Over It
  11. Take Your Place
  12. Towards Sleep
  13. The Moon And The Sea
  14. Stop


Produced by The Refo:mation

All songs by The Refo:mation

Steven Kilbey Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Peter Koppes Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
Tim Powles Mapex Drums, Percussion, Bass, Lead Vocal on "Take Your Place"

Additional Musicians:
Sandi Chick Vocals
Chris Campbell Guitar on "5:28"

Recorded at Karmic Hit Studios, Rozelle, Sydney, Australia. Engineered & mixed by Tim Powles.
Assistant Engineer Chris Campbell.


Drum Media and Steve Kilbey


You can read reviews of this album. As expected they are almost entirely positive !

Sound Bytes

In my enthusiasm for this album I've gone a bit nuts and sampled seven songs (and believe me, it was hard to stop at seven !). As usual these are in Real Audio format.
Don't Move
All See It Now
Trying To Get In
Florian Trout
Take Your Place - Tim Powles is the first Church drummer to sing lead vocals !
Towards Sleep

Where Do I Get This Album ?

You can order this album from the following stores

Greg's Music World or email to Be sure to tell them you're ordering from Shadow Cabinet, 'cos I get small commission :-)


As with many Church-related projects this has been in the works for quite a while. Recording was in progress as far back as June 1996, though it was still instrumental-only at that stage, and was going to be called The Reformation. The change of name came about because Tim Powles didn't like the second 'r'...these artistic types ! But what are you gonna do, huh ?! :-)

The rather odd title for the album came about because they couldn't decided on one or the other, so Peter Koppes suggested using both.

Julien has written a short article describing how he created the artwork for this album.

When I commented that the track 1:07 is, according to my cd player, 1 minute and 8 seconds long, I got a lot of emails agreeing with me :-) Can anyone else support that ? Has anyone's CD player reported a track length of 1:07 ? Actually someone with a ridiculously techy CD player said it was 1:07.556 seconds long !

The background for this page was kindly supplied by Julian Klettenberg and was derived from the original album artwork, which he also created.

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