A Quick Smoke At Spots


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Steve wrote liner notes for this album, which is a rarity in itself.

Discography Information

1991 A Quick Smoke At Spots (Archives 1986-1990)

5:45 Texas Moon
2:58 Perfect Child
3:53 Much Too Much
4:13 Take It Back
2:49 Desert
2:21 We Both Know Why You're Here
3:58 Frozen And Distant
4:19 Forgotten Reign
3:02 Anna Miranda
4:25 Hunter
2:57 Dream
4:32 Ride Into The Sunset
3:30 You Got Off Light
3:24 Nose Dive
4:49 The Feast
4:14 Afterlife

LP Mushroom d 26058
(Australia) CD Mushroom d
26058 (Australia)

Sound Bytes

Texas Moon was the b-side to Reptile - excellent song !
Anna Miranda has a very similar chord structure, and chorus, to Under The Milky Way
Nosedive was released on an Arista promo tape called A Horse Of A Different Colour.
Frozen Distant is a song about interstellar travel using cryogenic freezing. If it isn't, I'll go heave !

Key Interviews

Other Notes

Dick Powell (powell@kodak.com) listed the sources of each song on this album

  Texas Moon			(1988, Starfish Ep)

  Perfect Child			(1988, Starfish Ep)

  Much Too Much			(1990, Metropolis CD5)

  Take It Back			(1990, Terra Nova Cain CD5)

  Desert			(1990, Russian Autumn Heart CD5)

  We Both Know Why You're Here	(1990, outtake from Gold Afternoon Fix)

  Frozen And Distant		(1988, Starfish Ep)

  Forgotten Reign		(?)

  Anna Miranda			(1988, Starfish Ep)

  Hunter			(1990, Russian Autumn Heart CD5)

  Dream				(?)

  Ride Into The Sunset		(1990, Russian Autumn Heart CD5)

  You Got Off Light		(?)

  Nose Dive			(1988, A Horse Of A Different Color, Cas)

  The Feast			(1990, Russian Autumn Heart CD5)

  Afterlife			(?)

One printing of this album has photographs of Depeche Mode in the liner notes !

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