Priest = Aura


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What's that pyramid on the album cover ?

Discography Information

1992 Priest=Aura
Jay Dee Daugherty (Drums)
Peter Koppes (Guitar, Vocals)
Marty Willson-Piper (Guitar, Vocals)
Steve Kilbey (Lead Vocals, Bass)

6:59 Aura
6:03 Ripple
3:59 Paradox
5:45 Lustre
2:26 Swan Lake
3:55 Feel
4:12 Mistress
4:35 Kings
4:00 Dome
1:27 Witch Hunt
6:24 The Disillusionist
1:37 Old Flame
9:34 Chaos
3:56 Film

Cass Arista ACP 8683 (USA) Advanced Promo Release in different sleeve !
LP Arista 212643 (UK)
CD Arista 07822-18683-2 (Australia, USA)
CD Mushroom Records/White TVD93356(RMD53356)(Australia)
Some copies of the cd are picture-discs, white with a close-up of the wolf's head.

Sound Bytes

These are all encoded using Real Audio 3.0

Listen to a sample of Ripple
Listen to Mistress
Listen to Feel - The closest thing to a "dance" rhythm I've heard from The Church.
Listen to Kings - I think this song is fantastic ! Solid harmonies and a rich, thick sound with a pulsing rhythm on the toms...brilliant.

Key Interviews

B-Side April 1992
Sandra Garcia reports on the nitty-gritty of her interviews with The Church. It makes for great insights into the interaction between the band members.

Sound And Image June 1992
This Sound And Image interview gives us a glimpse into Steve's life before The Church and good all-round look at what was going on in 1992.

Singles Released


4:48 Ripple
3:39 Nightmare
3:32 Fog

CD5 Mushroom D11098 (Australia)


3:55 Single Remix
6:55 Extended Album Mix
4:21 Techno Mix
5:16 Ragga Mix
3:52 Album Version

CD5 Mushroom D11215 (Australia)
CD5 Arista ASCD-2436 (USA, Promo Only)

Other Material Released


6:55 Extended Album Mix
4:21 Techno Mix
5:16 Ragga Mix
4:57 Under The Milky Way

12" arista adp-2436 (usa, promo only)


5:16 Ragga Mix
4:21 Techno Mix
3:52 Album Version
6:55 Extended Album Mix

12" arista cmx 84834 (usa, promo only white label)

During the Australian tour after the release of this album the marketing people cranked out t-shirts, baseball caps and posters. The t-shirts and posters featured the desert dog, while the cap had the album title written in the same font used on the album. The poster is *big*.

Other Notes

Jay Dee Daugherty replaced previous drummer Richard Ploog on this album. He also played on the subsequent tour.

It marked a return to Australian recording for The Church, the two previous albums having been done in L.A.

Joe Burns has created a cool picture inspired by the song "Dome".

At least one pressing of the cassette version of this album was done backwards !! According to Kevin Bonham of Hobart....

"I first bought "Priest=Aura" as a tape as I didn't have a CD player then. The copy I bought had been recorded backwards! So when I pressed the PLAY button what I got was "Film" backwards, followed by the end of "Chaos" backwards, and I listened intently for _seven_ minutes before realising that it wasn't just a funny instrumental with lots of backwards guitar and vaguely comparable to "Travel by Thought". It was only when Steve started singing backwards that enlightenment dawned !"
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