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Sample N+ Autograph - sent by Virginia Williams

The first thousand copies of Narcosis Plus came with cards signed by Steve Kilbey tucked under the CD bay. Each is different and I asked members of the Seance mailing list what theirs said. Brett Dicks told us that in a recent interview with Steve he was told that Steve's daughters (Electra and Miranda, of Magician Among The Spirits fame) helped him out with the signing, or at least with the decorating :-) ! Here's a list of what's been sent so far...

Adam sent in a picture of his signature card...
ersknpsm.jpg 7.5 K A friend of mine tells me that the Chinese symbol mean "fortune". Perhaps the whole drawing means that Steve ate his fortune ?


The signature card in my narcosis+ has some kind of smudgey red blob in the middle with a pink marker border and a butterfly drawn around it. There's a small red fingerprint and steve signed one of the wings "Steven" and one of the corners "SK" twice. In another corner are the letters "M" and "G" and the very middle contains the word/name "Minna". Any idea who this Minna character is? what about MG? I have a lot of time on my hands.

Michael Stegger I have been reading with a little twinge of jealousy everybody's description of their autograph cards. No pictures for me. (weeping sounds) What I got sounds like the standard "Love, SlinKey" (I think).

Thor Arne Brekke

My card from Steve had a gold edge whith a red ink block stamp in each corner.In the middel of the card it stood:Steven Kilbey with a double X.

Kevin Bonham

Mine is on rough paper with a gold edge and a little red Chinese stamp in the top right. The signature _may_ just be the initials SK rather stylised though. The Chinese stamp has a circle drawn around it.

My signature card has a drawing of a snoopy dog's face (long ears, large eyes, and a nose that is represented by a set of Chinese characters (not people, letters). And of course, that already infamous Slkajs;lfkjasf Klkasjflksafj (S-scribbles K(just barely)-scribbles.

mine is trimmed in gilt with 2 red chinese stamps; they have squares drawn around them with a nose below and a smiley face making the stamps the eyes. there is a scribble lookin thing next 2 the face. Could say Steve Kilbey if I ingested enough of something similar to him. Who knows? Writers cramp???

Joseph Burns (

My card has a gold edge and a red Chinese stamp in the right corner. Steve has scrawled a signature across the middle looks like a big 'St' and maybe a 'K'... then he drew a little box in blank around the red Chinese stamp...
simple but very cool looking...

Sara (

Mine is gilt-edged with the red Chinese stamp at the upper right corner surrounded be a black ink square. He signed it "Steven Kilbey" with XX beneath, and its perfectly legible!

Sue (

The first copy I received from VS had a picture drawn on it of a bloke, could be SK, coloured in pink and blue, outlined in black ink i think and then Steve's name. Above it was a scrawl that looked like the initials SCH, couldn't work that out.

Andrew J. Walker (

My copy of Narcosis Plus has a child like drawing of an aeroplane with a Chinese/Japanese red ink block stamp on the tail of the aircraft. The letters SK appear below the drawing.


No one so far seems to have anything like this. My copy does not have any legible words or even Steve's full signature so I guess it was near the end of the run.

David (

Yep, mine was an illegible scrawl in pink crayon which I think must read;


Steve Kilbey"

although could be;


S C Kilbey" -- does he have a second name?

or could simply be a random scribble-of-consciousness.

Morten Skjefte (Morten.Skjefte@Ebay.Sun.COM)

Mine said
Steve Kilbey"

....and of course we all do...

Probably his most legible signature in my collection so far.... :-)
Man, the writer's cramps that man must have.... ;-)

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