Love Era / Irony

Peter Koppes

December 4th 1997
This album is now available ! For purchase over the web please visit Greg's Music World and tell them you came from Shadow Cabinet, so I get my little commission :-)

Track Listing

(Hidden instrumental track at -3:45)
Two in a Million
Come a Day
Apex Farmer
Oblivion & Beyond
Make a Move

50 minutes 49 seconds.


Just received my copy of Love Era / Irony also. I've only listened to itonce, but my first impressions are good. It's a lot more experimental than "Water Rites". I wasn't too impressed with the first track (Celebration), but it really picks up on the 2nd track for me, with some beautiful guitarwork with a very "clean" guitar sound. "Two in a Million" also has some guitarwork that recalls the early Church records. It's amazing how different Peter and Marty sound these days... Peter seems to be "the arranger" of the two, as Peter's work seems to have better (fuller) guitar arrangements than Marty's recent stuff.

It seems like Peter has tried to improve his vocal performance on this one too. He seems to be singing in a different range, especially on "Make A Move". Suzi Kivi adds to the singing also, and although they're no Dylan / Emmylou Harris, it works quite well IMO. :-)

After listening to most of the album a second time while I wrote this (I'm a slow typist) I am starting to really get into it. It may actually end up being even better than the Refo:mation! (Oh, I may regret that one! :-)

Just run out and buy it, ok???

Andrew Walker

I am listening to the new CD from Peter Koppes called Love Era/Irony. In a word, fantastic. This is a record for all Church fans. It has the classic Peter Koppes style with lush production and great sound.

I should also mention this CD has a secret track, at the start of the CD,that is before track one. Go to track one, and rewind to -3:45 and you'll hear it. The song is an instrumental, and it will blow your mind. Very nice.

Other standout tracks include "Thank You" - Peter really cuts loose on guitar on a that one. "Sound" is a really nice laid back songs that rocks along. "Make a Move" is also excellent - I can't stop playing it!

Highly recommended.


October 20th 1997
Interestingly, both Tim Powles and the long-lost Richard Ploog make appearances on the album.

October 19th 1997
Julien Klettenberg says...

Dropped off the final artwork for Peter's new album on Friday. It will be released through Phantom on his own "Immersion" label. The title is "Love Era" & "Irony" (it has a reversable cover - it will be sold as "Love Era", but then you get to choose which cover you prefer).
Peter seems to have a thing for multi-titled albums. It was at his suggestion that the Refo:mation album be given the double title "Pharmakoi/Distance Crunching Honchos With Echo Units". I've never heard of an album having two separate titles though - I reckon our Pete is a breaking new ground here ! :-)
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