Loudspeaker is poetry and motion. No longer the intellectual pursuit of hairy university types or the endless prose of romantics deceased, but living verse where delivery is penultimate.

Loudspeaker is a collection of spontaneous responses.

The musicians were not given the opportunity to rehearse or even listen to the music before recording. George Washingmachine (violin) and Mark Elliot (saxophones) both responded to every track in less time than the CD now takes to play. By the time the music was ready for the poets the multitrack tapes were saturated with the sounds of India, synthesiser blips, violin solos, saxophones, driving drums and bass lines.

A cacophony of sound that tempted individual poets to gravitate to certain pieces.

They bellowed spontaneously or referred to notes scribbled beforehand. Time was short, not because of previous appointments but because the words lost their freshness with each minute passing.

Loudspeaker is a society for living poets.
A "heavy alphabet" on top of a heavy groove.

Boris Goudonof, Producer

Discography Information

1. Liberty (Barnum)
2. Astral Alien (Free)
3. Shortwave (Clare) (Steve has a few words at the end of this piece)
4. No Cause For Concern (Shear)
5. I'm Not God (Hunt)
6. Bombay Cop Shop (Hunt)
7. Heavy Alphabet L (Barnum)
8. De-Velopment (Carmody)
9. Dig Your Own Groove (Free)
10. Headlines (Kilbey)
11. The Mighty Wah (Barnum)
12. Sam I Am (Hunt)
13. Go Gentle Wilfred Lester (Clare)
14. The Next Moment (Hunt)

For some reason "Hunt" has a credit for every track even though he/she is not identified anywhere else in the album credits.

Released on Larrikin Entertainment (LU 95052) - PO Box 501 Mascot NSW 2020 Australia

Sound Bytes

Boris Goudonof compares the recording time of this album to that of more conventional works
He also spoke about how spontaneity comes through on the album
Steve Kilbey's opinion of the idea ? (325K)

(Those samples were shameslessly lifted from the ABC's Review program)

Liberty(400K) - This to me is the standout track on this album. The natural meter of the words fits that of the backing track very well. This is one of Andrew Barnum's three works on the album
Heavy Alphabet L - Barnum's second track has conjured up an image that I'm sure wasn't intended. This is a sample of a phrase that's repeated several times, in between bursts of clever alliteration. He shouts "L ! L !" (the letter 'L', unless he's talking about supermodels) in such a way that I can't help thinking of a Sesame Street character :-) Sorry Andrew !
Go Gentle Wilfred Lester - John Clare is, as far as I know, the only person to mention the suburb where I live (Altona) in a recorded song.
Headlines is Steve Kilbey's track on this album. It's a collection of made-up (I hope) headlines from newspapers. I've edited two of them together because there's a big gap between each one in the song itself. That weird rhythm is MY FAULT !


Nathan O'Neill attended a live performance of this project.

Singles Released

Other Notes

Another "Loudspeaker" album was released but as far as I know Steve was not involved.
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